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13 Tips on Friday the 13th!!

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Longtime readers know that I love Friday the 13th! Its always good to me!! SO each time it comes around I pick a topic. Today’s topic is The benefits of being a good listener!! AND because it’s the 13th, here are 13 benefits to being a good listener: 

  1. Better relationships
  2. Improved Self Discipline
  3. More confidence
  4. People Trust in you and believe you more
  5. Best Employee
  6. YOU can ask better questions to gain knowledge on something
  7. Get more information
  8. You learn more
  9. Better Safety
  10. Avoid embarrassment
  11. More effective problem solving
  12. Increased concentration
  13. Shows you are a compassionate person who is present in your conversations! 



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Music I Like To Organize To: Berlin- “Voyeur”


Sometimes playing music is a great while cleaning or organizing. The right music can elevate a mood and motivate to work and finish. It can help organizing fun!! So from time to time on this blog, I will share what albums I like to play Some you may have heard of before and others might be obscure to you . Either way I hope to introduce you to some great music AND as always I encourage you to organize.

Berlin. Yes THAT Berlin!!! The band responsible for the 80s hits: “Metro”, “No More Words” and “Take My Breath Away” have released several albums and EP’s (extended play) since their popular heyday. I have all of them but this one in particular is Music I Like To Organize To!!!

 “Voyeur” was released in 2002. It’s a well produced synth pop album. Not released on a major label, so it didn’t make it high on the music charts. Lead singer and creator Terri Nunn was talking about it in a video interview I saw online and that’s how i heard about it. I ran out to my nearest record store (Tower Records). Ahh I miss records stores. Thank GOD for Amoeba Records here in Hollywood. Each song tells a mini story. I am transported to those stories so vividly yet I’m entertained by them. Terri’s vocals are a lot stronger than I remember from the earlier years and the music has a live feel too it. And It’s the music that I LOVE so much!!I It is also one of the FEW albums where I like EVERY SINGLE SONG!  I still play the album from time to time and 11 years later its still holds up.


1 Blink Of An Eye 4:15
2 Shiny 4:42
3 Lost My Mind 4:15
4 The World Is Waiting 4:51
5 Drug 4:49
6 Sacred And Profane 4:03
7 All I Ever Need 3:38
8 With A Touch 4:35
9 To A King 4:36
10 Stranger On The Bus 4:19
11 Stronger Than Steel 4:16
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