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Happy Left Handers Day!


My brother and I are the few people in my family that are Left Handed. Growing up had its challenges. Like learning how to tie your shoes, or ties, or how to hold knitting needles are hard when a right-handed person tells you to ” do the opposite of me.” Yeah, right. I am very aware of where I should sit to eat at ANY table. I don’t want my elbows bumping with the person next to me. ¬†We play guitar and hold a baseball bat differently. I put birthday cards in envelopes the opposite way. Pictures and sayings on mugs are always facing outwards when we drink. And some studies suggest that we think a little differently. I’d like to think that we are in our RIGHT minds! Get it. Right minds. We are controlled by our right brain….well you get it.

Every year in August there is a Left Handers Day. I am a proud Southpaw and I raise my left hand to you all!

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