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Here Are Your TWO Midweek Organizing Tips!!!

It’s the middle of the week and I’m in the organizing mood! Well I’m always in an organizing mood!

I’m gonna share TWO quick tips with you all:

You have a small bathroom- if you are tall, use a high spot on the wall and place a shelf or metal rack and put towels up there. If you aren’t as tall, behind the door, put up a rack and hang the towels there. (make sure you don’t mix currently used towels with clean ones).



This could also be a spot for other bathroom supplies too! 

Hooks inside cabinets can help maximize space. Like in bathrooms: You can hang hairdryers, Pouches of beauty products like Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup, lotions…In kitchens: You can hang pans, big utensils…



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Super Tip Thursday- One Way To Change The Look Of Your Kitchen


I always try to find  inexpensive and innovative ways to refreshen a room. Not all of us can throw out everything and start all over. Sometimes a simple thing can change the whole look. I gave an example months ago with accent walls. Well here is another quick example of how to change the look of a room and this time its the kitchen.

Change the actual knobs/handles on your drawers and cabinets.

kitchen ID

You can go to a hardware store or supply place, or crafts store and buy decorative knobs/handles. Maybe take the plain ones off and get ones with color; Maybe go from square to round. Change it up!



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Quick Tip Saturday- Kitchen Organization


There are many ways to organize a kitchen, but here is one way:
If you have another room you can put stuff in ( a dining room table is good, or put down a sheet to place items on), then take everything out of the cabinets and place in the other room. Put like minded things together. All food in one place, all cups in one place, all glasses in another, etc.. As you are doing it, look at the food items expiration dates. If the food item is expired, then throw out immediately (have large, heavy trash bags handy). If a glass is broke or cracked, throw it out. If you don’t have a full set of dishes, set aside to give away.


Once you got everything out, you can see WHAT you have and how it will fit back in to your space. AND it will be easier for you to look at your kitchen space and decide how you want the cabinets to be filled. My recommendation, all food and spices in one area and easy to get to. And all glasses and plates in one area and easy to get to. And all pots and pans in one spot. I would do food higher and pots and pans lower. Glasses and plates eye level.

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Where Are The Knives?


I fully admit that I am getting a little forgetful these days. Lotts in the brain! (And a little age advancement to doesn’t help, hehe) So I like to make things as easy for me as possible. I generally know what’s in my most commonly used cabinets and drawers, but there are spaces that I hardly use but store stuff in and don’t exactly remember what’s in there.

So I have some nice labels on the bottom of the inside of cabinet doors that list what is in them. It really helps!! Try it!!!



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Super Tip Tuesday: I Can’t Find The Top Ramen


I’m here to give you suggestions on how to make your life easier, so here’s todays tip and its involves your Kitchen Pantry or Kitchen cabinets where you store your food.

Organize areas and/or shelves by types of food such as cereals, pastas, soups, and spices. Group like things together and store them that way. Its makes things a lot easier to find AND it looks nice. (Some people label shelves, but that’s not always necessary.)

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