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One Way To Increase Space in the Kids Room

One way to increase space in the kids room is to get a bed that has built-in drawers. If you get one with 2 to four drawers you can store their sheets, clothes, artwork or toys.

It really can be a space saver in their room. Depending on how many drawers you may not need an additional chest of drawers. You might even be able to just utilize their closets and have enough room for everything.

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Posted by on June 20, 2016 in Organizing


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Quick Tip Saturday- Kids and Shoeboxes

IMG_2094 copy

Small children aren’t like older ones or adults. They are still learning basic skills to survive and grow. But they can be taught things. Simple things. For example for kids markers and crayons or small toys and toy pieces, get an old shoebox with no lid. It’s easy to teach them to put all those things away in there. And shoeboxes are easy to store.


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