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Job Interview Tip: How To Answer A Seemingly Simple Question

There are several questions that may come up in a job interview that seem simple enough, but they aren’t. Some of the questions are open to a wide range of answers and that’s when we can trip ourselves up.

For example,on a job interview you may get the question: Tell me about yourself.

 About 80% of all interviews begin with this “innocent” question. Many candidates, unprepared for the question, skewer themselves by rambling, recapping their life story, delving into ancient work history or sharing TOO much of their personal matters.

ANSWER: Start with the present and tell why you are well qualified for the position. Remember that the key to all successful interviewing is to match your qualifications to what the interviewer is looking for. In other words you must sell what the buyer is buying. This is the single most important strategy in job hunting.

So, before you answer this or any question it’s imperative that you try to uncover your interviewer’s greatest need, want, problem or goal. To do so, you can follow this one tip:

As early as you can in the interview, ask for a more complete description of what the position entails. You might say: “I have a number of accomplishments I’d like to tell you about, but I want to make the best use of our time together and talk directly to your needs. To help me do, that, could you tell me more about the most important priorities of this position? All I know is what I (heard from the recruiter, read in the classified ad, etc.)”

Then, ALWAYS follow-up with a second and possibly, third question, to draw out his needs even more. Surprisingly, it’s usually this second or third question that unearths what the interviewer is most looking for.
You might ask simply, “And in addition to that?…” or, “Is there anything else you see as essential to success in this position?:
This process will not feel easy or natural at first, because it is easier simply to answer questions, but only if you uncover the employer’s wants and needs will your answers make the most sense. Practice asking these key questions before giving your answers, the process will feel more natural and you will be light years ahead of the other job candidates you’re competing with.
After uncovering what the employer is looking for, describe why the needs of this job bear striking parallels to tasks you’ve succeeded at before. Be sure to illustrate with specific examples of your responsibilities and especially your achievements, all of which are geared to present yourself as a perfect match for the needs he has just described.

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Super Tip Tuesday- 5 Questions You Should Have Good Answers To During An Interview


You should always be prepared AND confident when you go in to a job interview. It’s your ONE time to grab their attention and see that you are the BEST choice for the position they are offering. Here are five questions that might come up during an interview:

Why did you leave your last job?

Never put your former employer or your co-workers in a negative light. Don’t blame them for your departure. Give a positive reason, such as you left to take advantage of another opportunity that was better suited to your skills.

Have you had difficulties getting along with supervisors or co-workers?
No one is a saint. Sometimes personalities clash with the people you work with. Think carefully before you answer. Don’t go into a lot of details. A good answer might be, “Nothing major. I try to get along with everyone.”

How do you deal with stress on the job?
The employer wants to know if you’re going to run out the door when things get stressful. Ask yourself if you thrive on working with deadlines or if you need creative time to function more effectively. Think about how you handle stress and be honest. “I focus on the work I’m doing,and stay calm and centered.”

Do you have questions for me?
Always have a few questions. They show that you researched the company. Ask about a
current issue the company is working on or how their recent layoff in another department
affected company morale.

Why should we hire you?
Even though 20 people may be waiting outside, you need to sound confident, calm, and capable. Explain how your experience has prepared you for the job. Emphasize the qualities you think the employer is looking for, such as your outstanding work ethic or the fact that you’re a fast learner.

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