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Take A Few Moments To Think About Organization.

I invite you to think about why you aren’t organized and how its affecting your life. Then I want you to think of why you would want to get organized and how your life could improve because of it.
I ask you to think about your goals of organization, both big picture and small immediate plans. For me it was: I’m organizing to enjoy my life to the fullest. My goals are to have my office, home and yard organized. My immediate goal is to organize my home office and closets. Okay. That’s settled. NOW when can I start???
Getting started is the biggest hurdle! I give tips on this blog on how to start and different techniques and way to start. What I am asking now is WHEN to start? We ALL have busy lives and its easy to say, “I don’t have time to organize” or “I’m too tired these days”. There is ALWAYS time to organize! You don’t have to schedule LARGE chunks of time. I want you to be REALISTIC and HONEST with yourself on why you AREN’T organized? And apply the same rules of being realistic and honest and ask yourself, can you make the time to get organized? There are no rules on exactly when you organize. Every day you wake up is a day for you to start the organization process in your life.
Start in the summer months? In the Spring for Spring Cleaning? Start of the school year because the kids will be out of the house for 8 hrs a day? Right before a big family holiday like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas? Maybe during part of your vacation? You take 2 weeks off. One week organize, the other GO on vacation. Or maybe its THIS weekend? Or TOMORROW? or TODAY????

When can you start organizing??

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What’s Working IN Your Closet?


Clothes Closet Organization. I have talked about what doesn’t work in a closet Lets talk about what CAN work in a closet. How you set up your closet is really up to you! In my opinion there is no right way or wrong way to set up a closet. I believe it is as individual as the person using the closet. I really stress to my clients to tell me about their clothes wearing habits so that we can organize in a way that is the most convenient and pleasing to them.

If you are having closet issues or are now wondering why it take forever to find certain items in the morning, then I have a few examples of what  might work for you:

1) Put all pajamas and sleepwear on hooks behind the closet door. It’s easy to get to and you wear them EVERY night.

2) Put all work pants and tops on a shelf that is eye level and easy to reach. Again you were them at least 5 days a week.

3) Get a couple of baskets and put all of your exercise/gym/running gear in them and place them neatly on the floor off to the side.

4) Have all suits/formal dresses in the back of the closet if you don’t wear them regularly but need them out for events on occasion.

5) Instead of hanging my sweaters, it might make more sense to fold them. You may gain more room.

6) Analyze how much of things you have (how many dress shirts, dress pants, jeans, sweaters) You may have more sweaters than shirts. Hang all the shirts up and fold all the sweaters.and put away in a drawer. You want to maximize the space yo have the best way it can be used.

These are just a few examples of how things can work for you in a closet. The goal is work smarter not harder. Group things together and have the most commonly used items front and center and easy to reach.


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Rome Wasn’t Organized In A Day!


Happy Monday! Thank you for reading my blog today. If you’re looking at your house and thinking that you need to get it organized, then YES you need to get it organized! But I ask you NOT to get feel overwhelmed, it can be done. Organizing takes time. Trying to organize your home all at once would be too much! Just like eating a whole turkey at once would make you sick before you would finish. Slow and steady wins the race! Organize in parts!

If you need assistance getting started, then hire The Super Organizer. I’ll get you going and make it fun! You can reply here or visit

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Super Tip Tuesday: In Its Right Place


In two previous blogs In Its Entirety and  Easy Does It, I talk about ways to start the organizing process. To continue the theme of How do I Start, I have another suggestion. This exercise can be done anywhere, a closet, a room at home, your office , the garage, their is clutter or disarray. Pick up 10 things and put them were they belong. It may take you only 5 to 10 minutes to do this. Do This several times a week or every other day and you will see results!

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Super Tip Tuesday: Easy Does It



or·gan·ize  (ôr′gə-nīz′)

v. or·gan·izedor·gan·iz·ingor·gan·iz·es
  1.  To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole.
  2.  To arrange in a coherent form; systematize.
  3.  To arrange in a desired pattern or structure.
  4.  To arrange systematically for harmonious or united action.

In an earlier blog tip In Its Entirety, I talk about ONE way of starting the organization process. In that blog I talk about starting piece by piece. Today I will continue on the slow and steady wins the race tip. The question sometimes begins, Where Do I start? Well if starting in the crazy “hot spot” areas is too much for you to handle, I’m going to make the suggestion that you start in an area that looks easiest to you!

DO you have a space that’s not bad but could use some straightening up? Maybe its a space behind the door. You have a couple of brooms there or an umbrella and you’ve been meaning to move them somewhere else. Start there. Maybe on the microwave you have a stack of paper plates on top. Start there. There is a stack of dirty clothes in the corner getting higher and higher. Go grab them and put them in the hamper! You have a clear space now!!!

Organization s a people-based process designed to make you happy. I want you all to be happy!!

You can also contact The Super Organizer and I can help you start!

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Super Tip Tuesday: Where to Start? Paper Products


“I will read those when I get some time.” ” I was saving them for my daughter. I just haven’t put them together and sent them to her.” “There is just SO many that I’m overwhelmed.”

Those are just a few of MANY responses I’ve been given when I first see a client for a consultation. Paper Products organization or removal make up 40 % of my business.Paper products include magazines, flyers, brochures, mail, junk mail, newspapers and files. I’ve gone into many homes and offices and the piles of papers are everywhere. And what starts out so unassuming (It’s just paper?!) can be the MOST troublesome, space enveloping, overwhelming part of your space. If you have this problem (Even I’VE had this problem!), then of course you should contact THE SUPER ORGANIZER for assistance. But until then and over the course of time, I will offer some tips of how to handle this situation growing (or have already grown) in your space.

Where DO I start???? I believe that ANY step ANY size is a great thing!! I offer A WAY of getting started:

Start Slow and Easy

Identify a small spot in your home or office. It could be the small stack of papers on your desk. Maybe its six magazines in the bathroom. It’s the post it notes on the refrigerator! Walk over to it.  Then one by one touch each piece and look at it. What is it? Can it be tossed, recycled, filed away or does it need to stay there? And really think about the answer, then act! Handle it right then and there. If its trash or can be trashed, walk over to the trashcan and throw it away. If its something that is ready to be filed away, than walk over to where it should be filed/put away and file/put it away. If its recycling, then set it aside till you have all the items to be recycled.(then after you’re done, recycle them.) If its something that need to stay there, then decide is it something i can work on RIGHT NOW or does it have to wait. If you can work on it, I suggest you work on it and get it out the way (then of course you will file it.). If it needs to be package and mailed out, then package and set it up to mail it out.  If it has to wait, it has to wait. Neatly keep it there.I think you get the picture.  Its a slow process but you get there. An empty space emerges! Then the sense of accomplishment washes over you!!

I suggest doing this a couple of times a week. More and more space will open up. The key is to NOT stress out about doing it. Don’t try to do it after you’ve had a long day at work and you’re exhausted.  Maybe do it on a Sunday morning while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee. Do it when you’re relaxed (well maybe not TOO relaxed.) Try it once and maybe you’ll be motivated to try it again. The motivation may come to clear out whole areas eventually. Small steps can lead to big results.

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