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A Great Way To Introduce Yourself After A Panel Discussion

If you feel that this is the one chance you’ll have to meet this person then at least do it correctly. When it’s your turn in the greeting line get all of your energy pumped up and with great enthusiasm say, “Hey Carol, I really enjoyed your panel on ADHD And Professional Organizing. I’m James Lott, Jr, the Super Organizer  and I would like to work with you. I know it wouldn’t make sense to pitch you here. Do you mind if I got a card to follow up directly with you?”
Smile, eye contact, energized, and brief, get my contact details (if I don’t have a card ask politely whether you can have my email address to send me a pitch deck) and by all means make sure you follow up.  80% of the people never do.  And when you do email them, make sure to remind them of the context that we met after the panel.
 I know that some people like to talk after a panel and some may stay until the last person who wanted to meet has the chance.  But I recognize people that don’t have enough sense (or edit button)  to recognize when they’ve spoken for too long and the person after is waiting patiently.   If no one is behind you then feel free to linger BUT make sure you ask the presenter – “do you need to get out of here? I’d love to stay and chat but want to respect your time.”
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