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Quick, Hide, Someone’s At The Door!


First of all let me state for the record that I’m not a big fan of the “pop in”, where a person stops by without any warning or prior notice. I understand that you really could be in the neighborhood and want to stop by and see me. I like a phone call or a text at least. Of course it still happens, and I hate being caught off guard with a crazy looking house. So if this happens to you, then I have a thought to share with you: Uncluttering my home allows me to welcome unexpected guests with fear, embarrassment, or stress.

While you are doing your Spring Cleaning, there are several major holidays during this time (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day) and other events that usually happen (Graduation, Prom, Spring Break). There are also a lot of birthdays during this time, so there are many instances where someone may stop over. My suggestion is to start with the room people will see first!

If people come through the front door, then start with THAT room. If folks are coming in a side entrance and it leads to the kitchen, then unclutter the kitchen. You get the idea. It’s good for YOU to do this but the added benefit is that “they” can’t make any disparaging comments or make fun of you. Uncluttering has so many benefits!

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