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Super Share: Organizing and Mental Health

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The Above is something I saw and I like it and find it useful. May you find it useful too.

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Super Organizer Monday: Organization and Illness

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I’m a Professional Organizer AND I am dealing with an illness, Bells Palsy. I am in recovery. Its been 3 months since diagnosis. When I was first diagnosed, the doctor told me to stop everything and rest and take the meds! The first month I didn’t do anything beyond stuff related to my health. Bells Palsy is a nerve in your head condition, so I needed to not stress out my brain. As I look back on things, being organized helped me in those early days. Having dedicated places for things certainly helped me not stress out.

First I had to tell myself that its okay to not organize anything while I am resting and healing. My health was number one! Half of my face was paralyzed, so It wasn’t hard to rest. In the meantime, since I had things in place, I did what I could to continue to keep them that way. I had a drawer by my bed that had all the meds and vitamins in it. My bathroom and kitchen were set up so I could find whatever i need. I was drinking certain types of tea, so I had those teas up front, on a shelf I could reach, easy to get to. I had a file for the medical records in a special spot. My clothes and towels and bathroom items, everything was easy to get to and they all had their places.It helped.

I didn’t think of this until now.

That the time of the onset of the Bells Palsy, my first and only concern was to  take care of myself. My health was number one. I like to organize and teach others how to get organized, so I knew I needed to stop everything and do what the doctors told me, so that I can return to organizing. Now as I look back, i have found ANOTHER reason that being organized is a great thing. Even if it seems like a little thing, little things counts.

As for actual organizing while being ill, I encourge you NOT to worry about that. My message to you is to get organized while you are well and it may serve you WELL while you are ill.

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Thought Of the Day: Could Your Stuff…Kill You?!

Yesterdays blog post by guest blogger Erin Reynolds talks about items and things you do and have in your home that can harm your health. Read here.

I want to add a thought. Could having a lot of “stuff” in your home or space harm you and even kill you?

I say YES!  There are MANY factors that go into this thought and my answer. One of the big ones is too much stuff that depending on how its in your space could fall on you, make you trip and fall, cut you, etc. But I want to go even further. In many cases of cluttered spaces, huge amounts of dust form. Dirt can form too. If there is wet or slightly damp stuff, mold can do major damage. Are there bugs mixed in with stuff? Half dead or dead plants! When they are dead, they can’t omit oxygen to the house.

Sometimes old stuff that isn’t kept up can smell. Your respiratory system can become compremised. Headaches can form.  There are so many benefits to having a clean and not cluttered space.

Something for you to think about especially if you aren’t feeling well and not sure why…

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Let’s Clear the Air: How Your Home Can Make You Sick & What You Can Do About It by Guest Blogger DIYMama Erin Reynolds

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We all want a clean living space, but did you realize that even when your home is clean, indoor air pollutants can still be hanging around? Indoor air pollution is often worse than the pollution we’re exposed to outdoors and living with poor indoor air quality can lead to immediate and long-term sickness. To improve indoor air and live better, check your home for these common causes of pollution and take steps to eliminate them.


Seek Out the Source

You can’t get rid of indoor pollution without knowing where it’s coming from. Some of these causes are obvious, while others are less well-known and often harder to find.


  • Tobacco smoke – Smoke from tobacco contains thousands of chemicals, which are trapped in your home when anyone smokes inside. In addition to being released into the air, the chemicals in tobacco settle into furniture, rugs and just about any other surface in your home. According to The American Lung Association, secondhand smoke can cause respiratory infections, asthma, cancer and even heart attacks.

  • Household chemicals Chemicals come into our homes in many ways you wouldn’t expect. They can be present in your home’s building materials and paint, as well as in furniture, carpet and cabinetry. Many people also unwittingly add harmful chemicals to their home by using chemical cleaning products, air fresheners and personal care products.

  • Pets – Many people have allergic reactions to pet dander, which can be can be mild to severe and often include asthma, sinus problems and respiratory infections.

  • Mildew and mold – According to Bob Vila, mold can grow about anywhere there is excess moisture. If you aren’t sure if mildew and mold are a problem in your home, track your home’s humidity and search for any water leaks.

  • Harmful gases – Radon is a gas that is naturally occurring, but exposure to it has been linked to cancer, so it’s very important to have your home checked to determine if radon is present. Carbon monoxide is another deadly gas that could leak into your home from gas appliances such as gas stoves and hot-water heaters. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is an easy way to keep your family safe.

Simple Steps to Clear the Air

Even though indoor pollutants and allergens are rampant, you can make simple swaps and do some easy, environmentally friendly DIY repairs to eliminate problems.

  • Choose greener cleaning products – Look for cleaning products that are free of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and other toxic ingredients. Natural alternatives are easy to find and they are much healthier because they don’t release toxic substances into the air.

  • Avoid toxic building materials – One of the biggest culprits of harmful off-gassing comes from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in paint. Fortunately, low or no-VOC paints are easy to find and repainting your home with environmentally friendly paint is a simple DIY project. When replacing cabinets, look for ones that are made from solid wood and use only non-toxic finishes. You can also find environmentally friendly materials for all kinds of home projects such as glue, caulking and insulation.

  • Purify the air in your home – You can’t avoid all pollutants entirely, but an air purifier can clean the pollutants out of the air in your home that can cause allergies and asthma.

  • Take advantage of nature – Outdoor air is purified naturally through trees, but you can get the same effect at home with houseplants that remove chemicals from the air. And along with all of these other steps, one of the simplest things you can do is open windows regularly to let fresh air in.

It sounds a little scary to think of all the dangers lurking in our homes, but the good news is that you can easily eliminate many of them. Making these simple swaps is better for your health and the environment, so it’s a win-win. When you make these changes, you will likely notice a difference right away, and you can rest easier knowing you’re protecting your long-term health too.


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Check out our Guest blogger Erin Reynolds at

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Why I Love Bethenny Frankel


I Love Bethenny Frankel! Do I know her personally? No. I like her brand and I love the kind of thinking she promotes for a healthier lifestyle. Her way really matches up with my way of being as The Super Organizer.

Of course I first saw her on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice. I liked her brash yet relatable way of being. She came across as a hard worker (to me). Then I watched her on Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of New York City. At first I scoffed at her being on because she wasn’t a HOUSEWIFE! But she quickly won me over again by her quick wit, positive attitude, hard work and how she put it all out there. She seems REAL and in reality TV that is rarely the case. I love the fact that she didn’t go into reality TV to become a reality TV star! She used it to promote herself as a strong lifestyle brand and business woman. And after her two own spinoffs: Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After, she actually LEFT reality TV!!! You don’t see her making all the reality show rounds.

I have read Bethenny’s books. Yes I am male, a proud male! But I found her message (and tips) refreshing and useful AND unisex in nature. I can relate to her one size DOES not fit all attitude. And not to “kill” yourself over dieting and to really try to block out the “noise” that buzzes in our brains that blocks us from being our best selves. Her tips are understandable. Her suggestions are tailored to the uniqueness of YOU. It’s exactly the way I conduct business. Every client is different and it is MY JOB to be present and ask questions and LISTEN to them. The Super Organizer wants every client’s space to be accessible to them. I even consider height, age, gender, and handedness (there are things unique to left-handed people) when I set up a space or teach someone an organizing technique.

Now I watch her daytime talk show and she continues to promote a healthy lifestyle. As my business grows, I hope to continue to promote the same to everyone.

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Morning Person


I’m a REFORMED nite owl! I am NOW a morning person!!! I NEVER thought in a million years that would happen in my life. I dreaded getting up in the morning. The night time was the right time. I enjoyed staying up late. The later the better which  guess WOULD make me not like getting up in the morning. hehe.

There was something about the darkness and the quiet of the night that calmed me. The craziness and noise of the day was over. Waking up in the morning meant that all of that was to return. No bueno. But something changed when i changed my life five years ago.

I left my old world in San Francisco behind and moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles. The last few years in SF were a little rough for me. I had a clean slate and open path when I came back to LA. I was so happy to be back AND I found my passion, Organizing. Suddenly waking up in the morning isn’t so bad. Actually i look forward to it! The nice warm sunny mornings of South LA were a great motivator.

Then it CLICKED!!! Being happy and excited most of the time made me WANT to wake up in the morning and get started. The possibilities of each day has become a drug of sorts for me. I have my morning routines. The gym. Coffee. Breakfast. All energy boosters in different ways.

Speaking of energy boosters i read in a magazine recently that consuming a tablespoon or two of Almond Butter before you go to sleep at night stabilizes your blood sugar. The other effect is feeling extremely alert when you wake up! Almond Butter?! So i tried it last night. This morning I DID feeling oddly alert!! I was really awake and that was BEFORE my cup of coffee?!

Maybe there is some truth to this new discovery. As a former nurse, I do know that many people are tired in the morning due to low blood sugar, even ones who had a good nights sleep. I”m going to try it again and see if i have the same result. On a side note, I really like Almond Butter, even though I’m not a fan of Almonds. By the way, I’m NOT giving up coffee.


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