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I Don’t Do New Years Resolutions!

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I am not a fan of the New Years Resolution. For me it has a negative association with not being serious or realistic. January 1st feels like a resetting and rebirth for many people. It is a chance to wrong your rights from the year before and start anew. Many people set a “resolution” and go hard the first couple of days or first couple of weeks and then go right back to the old behavior.

I’m about looking at the big picture and being honest with yourself. I am about setting some goals for the year. 

I dont view the new year as new. I view each Jan 1st as a continuation of my journey. I don’t discount or try to erase what I did or did not do the year before. I look at it and learn from it. I will use parts of it to help me do better in the new year.

I set goals and give myself the whole year to accomplish them. I give myself permission to set my own pacing and if it takes ALL year , that is fine. Also I may not start Jan 2nd, I may start Feb 1st…and that’s okay.

The MAIN goal for me is always to affect change and create habits that will realistically improve my life.  AS I say, small steps can lead to large rewards. I want things to STICK! And I give my permission to be human. There is no such thing as perfection!

I believe in all of you!!!

Happy 2019!

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I Never Reach My Goals!


I’m a goal setter. I like setting goals. I ask my clients what is their goal when they hire me for a particular job or jobs. I like to know what I am working towards.  I want to know what people would like to see happen. I am doing my best through my work and teaching to make setting goals NOT a scary thing.

There are two things I’ve noticed in many people when it comes to goal setting:

We set goals without a real plan.

Without a plan, your resolution is all but doomed for failure. It’s almost impossible to achieve a goal — any goal — without a plan. But creating a plan involves more work than most of us want to put in. After all, if we’re not going to achieve it anyway, why should we waste time planning for it?

We make goals too broad and overwhelming.

When we take the time to really reflect on the things we want to change in our lives, we often come up with dozens of big, broad goals that distract us from really focusing on any one goal and leave us overwhelmed and discouraged in the process. Saying that you want to “get healthy” sounds great, but what does that really mean? Do you want to exercise more? Improve your diet? Drink more water? Lose weight? Go organic.
 Narrow down your resolutions to the most important and make focused, measurable goals.

The GOAL is to make a goal that is achievable. You want to be able to set what the goal IS and then map out the steps to get there. The steps should be things you CAN fit into your life. And the attitude should be that there is no goal too small or too specific. Goals can SOUND simple. “I want to clean off the kitchen counter.” Okay, that CAN be done. You find a way to clean off the kitchen counter.The set goal might be just to put everything in a container.  Three days later, you say, ” I want to find a place for every single item in this container.” Then you devise a plan to do that. Now doesn’t that sound better and less overwhelming than saying, I want a clean and organized kitchen.” For some folks, THAT is a goal and can be stated as such and they will go from there. For others, its TOO much.

And I will leave you with a little secret: Setting simple, smaller goals will EVENTUALLY get you to the larger goal! And with the example I gave, you WILL have a clean and organized kitchen!

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