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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 6

It is the last day of #GOMonth and it has been fun coming up with these challenges. This is the final one for the month. I hope you found them useful. They may have been small, but small changes to lead to larger ones! AS I say, small steps lead to large rewards! 

Here is challenge number 6:

Its kind of a two-parter! Start with your shoes. I don’t care what kind, pick two pairs that you haven’t worn in a long time and wear one today and the other tomorrow.

It used to be women were shoe-aholics, but now men are just a bad. Hehe. I love shoes!!! We have a tendency to pick the same couple of pairs and wear them all time. Rotating your shoes, saves money. The shoes don’t wear out as fast. You KNOW what you have. YOU DID buy them for a reason, to wear them! 

With this challenge, it does include what you wear. So whatever two shoes you pick, hopefully that will get you to wear two outfits that matches the shoes that you haven’t worn in a while too! NOW your wardrobe is being  rotated.

If you pick shoes and they don’t fit, get rid of them. If they are ripped, torn, dirty beyond repair, get rid of them! If the shoe doesn’t fit , don’t wear it! Shoes can take up a LOTT of space!! Especially if you are someone like me who wears a size 14~




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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 5

#GOMonth is almost over and I’ve given you 4 challenges so far! This next one is a bigger one! 

Here is the 5th challenge:

I want you to clean out your refrigerator!!!!!

Image result for organized refrigerator

pictures courtesy of The Container Store!

It’s time! Do it! Throw out all old food,pieces of food, get it out! Do you see anything that is still good but you haven’t used yet? Maybe put that to the front of the fridge. The fridge is one of the most used appliances. Lets keep it nice and lets know what we have in there!

It can save you money too! 


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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 4

It is #GOMonth and I’ve been giving you challenged every few days or so. Hopefully they are bringing something to you as far as organization and awareness! 

Here is the 4th challenge:

Do A Wastebasket/Trashcan count in your place! Make sure every room has one! 

They are expensive. You can get cute ones for cheap! All bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dens, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and garages should have a can in them! For many of those rooms, small ones will do.

Many times when there isn’t a trashcan in the room, things sit and don’t get taken to the trash can in the other part of the house. Also its makes things easier to throw out with a can nearby  Junk mail, really broken items, old underwear, containers, etc.

You got this! It’s in the can!!! 


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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 3



It’s #GO Month! Time to GET ORGANIZED! 

Heres the 3rd challenge:

Take TWO Books that you have read (and know you won’t read again) and pass them on!

If they are in reasonably good condition, pass them on to a friend(s) who you think might like it (them), or donate them! There are churches and other outreach programs looking for books!

Related image

This is to bring awareness to book hoarding! I am kind of a book hoarder and I am practicing this method! Books can become heavy and take up a lot of space and they are just sitting there collecting dust!

Books should be read and enjoyed !



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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 2

It is #GOMonth ! Time to GET ORGANIZED!! 

Here is the second challenge:

I want you to go thru wherever you keep you underwear  (bra and panties for women) and socks. I want you to pick one pair of each to throw away! 

Related image

We are talking ripped, holey, stained, too small, too big, stretched out, missing one piece. GET rid of it!

Sidenote- if you find socks or underwear that are still in their packaging, wear them first. Wear them next!

We really neglect socks and underwear and they can take up a lot of space. Lets clear that space up a bit!



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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 1

NAPO ,which I am a member of, calls January GOMonth! It is time to GET ORGANIZED!! I like to participate and every few days or so I will give you a challenge! You can do them in order or how ever you like! They will be challenges that hopefully will have you thinking differently about the items in your space. 

Here is the first challenge:

Pick one shirt (or top) that you HAVEN’T worn in a long time (6 months or longer) and WEAR it TODAY!! 

Related image

If you can’t remember how long its been, then its been too long.

You may have to dig deep down in the drawer or reach the back of the closet.

This exercise is to show the importance of rotating your clothes on a regular basis. Also to bring attention to what you DON’T wear anymore and maybe its time to get it out the house…

Image result for crowded closet

Have fun!! If you are really inclined, do it for the rest of the week! 


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