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Getting In the Mindset


Being in the right frame of mind is KEY to the start of any project. After you make the decision to do something, you have to actually make a plan and then do it! All of that comes out of the right fame of mind. When I say “right” frame of mind, I mean the frame of mind that will work in this situation to make change happen. The mindset changes from project to project but there is one overall feeling that is necessary to everything; motivation.

The motivation to be in the right frame of mind is first. You need to establish within yourself that you WANT change to happen and WANT to make change happen. This part seems like the easiest part. It SEEMS easier that the DOING part, right? But it is actually the HARDEST part! Its easy to SAY you want the closet organized. Its easy to say” I will organize the closet.” Those are statements. They can even be facts. But until your brain REALLY FEELS that you want to organize that closet and will organize that closet, they stay just that, statements. Motivation plays a big part of this! Getting motivated can be the most difficult part of the process. There are so many reasons why you might not be motivated. The list can be endless. Something has to click in your way of feeling and thinking before anything will be accomplished.

So YOU are reading this and are looking around the house and see all the things that need to be done. You feel no motivation to do anything. You are wondering HOW to get to the part of doing. Well the simple truth is that YOU have to want to do it! Now you may not do it yourself. You may hire someone to do it for you. Or you may want to do it yourself. Either way you need the motivation to make the first move.


Step number one: be true to yourself. Name the reasons you are unmotivated or why you haven’t started. Be unfiltered. Be honest. That will HELP you in the beginning.

Step number two: Identify and vow to make next step. Once you identify the reasons, then you can address them and work on them. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter? Maybe its time to look at it a different way. Break it down into sections. Don’t focus on the whole house, just one room. You make a promise to yourself to handle each of these.

Step number three: Make next step. Time to make next step. You might need to go to outside help for this. A counselor, therapist, family friend, a life coach. Getting help can be a great thing. They have the tools to assist you in unlocking the key to taking the next step. If you don’t need outside help, maybe the “click” happened. You were honest with yourself, you know why you haven’t gotten started, and now you are motivated to do something about it. Time to design a plan! Make sure its realistic. If you work 10 hours days during the week, then don’t plan to clean and organize on the week days. You will be too tired and probably wont do it. Plan on the weekends. If you are not a morning person, then don’t plan mornings, do it in the afternoons or evenings when you feel the most productive. Plan the work when you are mostly realistically going to get up and do it!

So work on these three steps to motivation and being in the right mind. Nothing will get done unless you are in a great mindset.

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The Art of Starting Small


I talk about starting small frequently in this blog. I really believe for some people starting small is the way to go. Even for ME!

This weekend I walked into my bedroom and looked around and it was a mess!  I have a nice big bedroom and part of it is my home office. So my desk and shelves were messy with papers and receipts. I had a busy week of work (thank the Gods!)and each night hadn’t kept up with my organization. In one corner I had a pile of clean clothes on a chair that I hadn’t folded and put away. Another corner was a pile of garden supplies that I had bought earlier in the week. I was going to work in my garden at some point. Midweek I got the urge to paint! Yes I paint (I hope to have an art show in 2015.)  I had all of that set up in my room. A table of art pieces drying and in various stages. The bins of art supplies out and open. So yes my room was in disarray. I NORMALLY don’t let it get to this point, but this time of year gets REALLY busy for me and I have lapses. They don’t last long but they do happen. I AM human like everyone else.

SO I look at my room and know NOT to get overwhelmed! I am trained to know that getting overwhelmed does not help anything. My BIGGEST piece of advice to any of you facing a really messy, cluttered or disorganized space is: Take a deep breath. Don’t get overwhelmed by it. And pick a spot and start small.


I don’t know why starting small gets a bad rap or is easily dismissed. When we talk about toddlers taking baby steps, isn’t it a good thing? Does it not lead to walking? For me its a psychological thing, to take start small can feel more manageable. If you accomplish (finish) sections or spots or spaces or even a pile, then you feel good. When you feel good, then you may be more likely to want to continue. It is easy to look at a big thing (for example a messy cluttered room) and get discouraged and NOT take action. So when I suggest starting small, I’ve had people ask me if that’s a bad idea. They’ve been drilled with having to “go big or go home.” Or filled with the notion that starting small is somehow an inadequacy. I feel that we took step away from worrying about the end result. Though I believe in looking at the big picture, it’s the small steps to get there that is the bigger deal. Take those “baby steps”. You will end up “walking” down your pass of success.

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Small Steps Lead To Big Rewards


Being organized is work but it makes life so much easier! All you have to do is START! Doesn’t matter if you handle a big situation or a small mess. All you HAVE to do is start! Take immediate action! Any step is a good step. Take ONE tip from this blog and THAT’S a start. It’s about adding organizing into your daily life. I will continue to give tips and suggestions. And i also give advice at TheSuperOrganizerUniverse:JustTheTips. And I’m available for hire at

I see everyday the positive effects of an organized life and want that for everyone!

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