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It’s Never Too Early To Teach Time Management




Kids are not adults! When it comes to getting them to learn organization, it’s a blessing. I found in my experience of raising kids that they respond to routine. Kids can be taught. Kids are also observant and will sometimes mimic what they see and hear. So it’s up to us adults to lead and show them the way. It’s up to us to give them skills that will last them a lifetime.

Of course every child learns differently and at a different pace, but here are a few general suggestions to get them started:

1)    Create a habit of when they change out of their school clothes into their “play” clothes.  And where to put those school clothes.

2)    Create a habit of when and where they do their homework every day. Give them the same place to do it and same time (if possible) to work on it.

3)    Help them organize assignments by getting folders and labeling them. Keeps it all in one place. (sometimes clipboards work too.)

4)    Create an order of how things happen each night: chores, dinner, homework, tv time, bedtime, for example.

5)    Encourage them to pick out their own outfits each night before bedtime. I LOVE not having to worry about what I have to wear when I get up in the morning. AND it saves time.

6)    Lovingly let them know that they are doing a good job!! Positive reinforcement!

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Super Tip Thursday- Getting The Kids Involved

December 046 - Copy

DO you have young, school age children? Then its time to involve them in the organizing process. Its not enough to just say clean your room or put that shirt away. Here is tip that is helpful and kinda fun.

Tape pictures on drawers of what goes inside the drawers. For example, tape a picture of socks and show the kids that all socks belong in that drawer.  You can take a picture of socks and print it out. OR you can further involve the kids and have them draw a pair of socks and color it. Instantly you have your childrens artwork on display too. Having pictures is easy to follow for them and educational at the same time, while they develop an organizing skills early in life.


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