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Super Organizer Mini Series: Part 6 Do I Need Help?


Lets list what we’ve talked about so far:

  1. Tools To Help You Organize
  2. Getting Clear Plastic Bins of different sizes
  3. Setting aside the time/making the time
  4. Making the commitment
  5. Listing the problem areas.

Now its time for the next step:

This is very important! DO you need help?

This is when you put aside your pride and shame and guilt. There is no room for any of those emotions. Now you are committed to yourself and wanting the best life possible. That means that you will get there the best way to get there, and that can me getting assistance. Getting help comes in different forms. It could mean needing a buddy, a trusted friend, or a close relative. It could also mean getting in contact with a therapist, counselor, life coach, or Professional Organizer.

In some cases you may need a combo of the above professionals. Its time to be honest with yourself (which can be the hardest) and figure out who you need. The reason is that JUST “cleaning” and “throwing things out” is not the long term answer. You need to know the cause so it wont be repeated. In other cases, if you already know the cause and are working on that, its simply how do I start?! How do I organize? You know, actual steps and techniques!

So take your time and assess if you need help and what kind of help? If you are not sure how to go about this, you can shoot me an email at

The next step in this mini series will be when you have decided and for those you might want a life coach or professional organizer and how to go about that!

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Super Tip Tuesday- I’ll Vacuum If you’ll Iron!


Is there something that you just hate to do? Washing dishes? Ironing? Mopping? If you live with another person or others, then negotiate an exchange! Find out what the other (s) hate to do and switch it out.

Of course this only works if their hated chore is something that doesn’t bother YOU! Hehe

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