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This Is The Longest Title For A Post On Organizing ( Okay I’m Not Totally Sure)

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This is my 860th blog post. I was thinking about what I should write about. How epic should it be?! How profound should I sound?!

Today lands on World Mental Health Day! (October 10th) so I’ve decided to say a few words on that.

Disorganization and clutter and hoarding come form many different places in life. Some of the causes are a form of mental health. AND living an organized life can bring good mental health. Either way it comes from the brain. I strongly encourage and invite anybody out there with a mental health issue to seek help. Depression and other feelings like that are no joke and require assistance to getting better. There is NO SHAME in admitting you have an issue!!

I’ve had to seek treatment in my past for some things that happened to me and i needed help getting back to center. Also when I get organized its feels so good! My heart goes out to each and every one of you with mental health issues of any kind!! I am with you!!!


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It’s Okay To Feel Real Emotions


If you feel like crying, then cry.

If you feel like screaming, then scream.

If you feel like things are out of you control and you are frustrated, that is okay too.

We can’t be happy and satisfied ALL the time. You can still be a positive person in general and have a bad day or a moment of weakness.

You are allowed to feel all these things without shame of guilt. Now I am not asking you to drown in those feelings. Just that ahving those feelings sometimes, is okay.

Once you allow yourself to have those feelings, recognize them, feel them and when you are ready, find a way to deal with them. If you need to get outisde help, that is okay. Sometimes we just need the space to feel them and move on. I am working on getting rid of the judgment of having feelings that arent jolly. The point is to purge all negativity out of your system and learn more about yourself in the process.

Again if you need help, get it!

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Treat Yourself!

Talk Yourself Into Something!

2015 is coming in a few days! You deserve the best year yet! Treat yourself. Treat yourself (or someone in your life)  to a Life Coach or Professional Organizer! Like ME! I am here to help!!!!

Below are links to my pages:

Life Coaching

Professional Organizing


Some of you might not be ready now so keep me in mind all year-long. It’s never too late! I am certified and trained. I am nice and friendly and non-judgemental!

 Lets have the best year!


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