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Eww…What’s On That Towel?!

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Recently I was looking at my towels when I realized that some of them are as old as my grandchildren! They were dingy and certainly not as fluffy as they used to be, I had a couple of towels with stains on them. Where did the stains come from, I don’t know! Other towels were frayed at the ends. Actually i didn’t have any matching towel sets. I used to, but not anymore. All of this got me thinking TWO things:

  1. Throw out all of my towels and replace them with new ones.

  2. I NEVER thought about my towels and how bad they were gettting!?!

The second thought got me thinking even further: even though I wash my towels regularly, they must have been bad for my skin. All of that wear and tear. The YEARS of dirt and other stuff that had been on them. Hey I  JUST learned that you shouldn’t use a loofah sponge for TOO long! I was getting small rashes and once I stopped using my old one and replaced it with a new one, the rashes stopped coming. I have taken my towels for granted! They are an everyday use and I never gave them the attention I should. They TOUCH my skin and my hair! I change out my toothbrush. I change my sheets on my bed. When my shoes wear out, I get new ones. (Well, I shouldn’t count the last example. I sorta have a shoe addiction.)

Think about it. We dry off millions of dead skin cells. The towels can get a musty scent and carry bacteria.I use a bath towel twice at the most.Then I try to wash them once a week. Sometimes I use Vinegar to freshen them up. You want them to last,but you need to recognize when they have outlived their use. I don’t want to reintroduce anything to my skin that I don’t want. Old towels usually become rags for me. Some I use while I’m painting.  Take a look at YOUR towels!


I went out and bought a bunch of new towels. I shopped around and found some good deals like at Big Lots. Now I am looking at all of my towels: Kitchen and bathroom! I will know when it’s time to let them go.


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Super Tip Thursday- Wipe Off Your Door Knobs and Fridge Handles!


I was thinking about this the other day. There are things in our home that we don’t clean as often as we should and we touch the most. For instance the toilet handle that we flush with probably gets cleaned when we clean the bathroom. That seems natural and normal. I would add shower nozzles and sink faucets get a wipe down when we clean the bathroom or the kitchen. But there are two things that we touch EVERYDAY and probably RARELY clean!!


Today’s tip: Clean your Door knobs and Refrigerator Handles!! Get some disinfectant and spray on them or actually get cleaning products and wipe them off! And do it OFTEN. I’m not saying turn into a germaphobe and do it everyday but do it often enough to make a difference. This is done in conjunction with washing your hands regularly. Also the wipes work well too.


Its good for your health. It may reduce how often you get sick too. 

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