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13 Tips on Friday the 13th!!

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Longtime readers know that I love Friday the 13th! Its always good to me!! SO each time it comes around I pick a topic. Today’s topic is The benefits of being a good listener!! AND because it’s the 13th, here are 13 benefits to being a good listener: 

  1. Better relationships
  2. Improved Self Discipline
  3. More confidence
  4. People Trust in you and believe you more
  5. Best Employee
  6. YOU can ask better questions to gain knowledge on something
  7. Get more information
  8. You learn more
  9. Better Safety
  10. Avoid embarrassment
  11. More effective problem solving
  12. Increased concentration
  13. Shows you are a compassionate person who is present in your conversations! 



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Friday the 13th!!

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Friday the 13th tickles me! I know people who still get nervous on the day! LOL

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In reality its just another Friday of the month! I say do something unexpected today! Do something you may not normally do! Enjoy!

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Friday the 13th Tip: Get Rid of 13 Things!

Many of you who read this blog know that I LOVE a Friday the 13th!!! Its a GREAT DAY!!!!!

I am giving you a TASK, A CHALLENGE, AN ORDER!!!!

Wherever you are, work, home, garage….find 13 things to get rid of!! Use your discretion. You can recycle, throw away or give away the items. I know that you can find 13 things to get rid of!

Time to edit your space.

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Another Friday the 13th


Its the second Friday the 13th in a row! I love It! I was trying to decide what to post today. I was thinking of a clever organizing tip with a superstition attached. I almost did a 13 Things….list thingy. Nope. SO I am just going to post a fun video on Friday the 13th. Enjoy!


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It’s Valentine Day’s Eve aka Friday the 13th!


I’m more excited that it is Friday the 13th than I am about Valentine’s Day! I’ve never been a supporter of Valentines Day. I have my own feelings about this “holiday” and what message it sends but I won’t rant on here about that. Fridays that fall on the 13th are fun to me! I’m not superstitious (did i just throw a pinch of salt over my shoulder), I used to have a black cat that I loved and for some reason I feel like smiling all day.

Today I will be working. And tomorrow morning/afternoon I will be working. This year I DO have a Valentine and said valentine wants to celebrate. SO we compromised and we are doing something I can get into. I encourage EVERYONE whether you are single, married or somewhere in between, to have a great weekend and do whatever makes you happy. I invite you do something unexpected or out of the box! Or Do NOTHING and stay in.

My valentine and I always work towards letting go of expectations and try NOT to project things onto each other. It saves a LOTT of heartache and fighting!


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It’s Friday The 13th Eve!



How are you today?

How is life treating you so far in 2015? It was a rough January for me. SO far February is much better.

It’s the second month of the year and I thought I should check in with you. We are all in this together. We should be supportive of each other.

How are your goals or resolutions holding up? I don’t make resolutions but I have some general goals this year. For the last 3 weeks I have been practicing yoga and doing cardio at the gym! Plus eating better. So far I’ve lost 4 lbs. Yay! I have a few other things I would like to accomplish this year and I am working on those. I’m on par with last year this time. How are you fairing? Is there a difference this year for you?


Are you already over the goals? Have you stopped trying? Has the motivation gone to bed? Life can get busy and hectic. Our minds can tell us all sorts of things to get us to stop! Or has something else come out of goals and now you are in a different direction?! I have been in situations where I thought I wanted one thing and realized midway I want something else…and it’s more suited for me. Change of direction is fine. I do MY best to stay over to the universe and not to be super rigid or fearful. Those two emotions are wasteful and get you nowhere.

I invite you to hang in there. Don’t beat yourself up. It is not a race. Take your time. Pace yourself. Figure out what is YOU. Find the best situations and as I ALWAYS say Stay open to the universe  or if God is in your life, believe in HIM.

Watch your words. Clear your brain. Everyday is a chance for change and opportunity. AS I am saying all of these things to YOU, I am repeating them to MYSELF.  I want us all to be as successful as we can be!

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Friday The 13th Is Your Lucky Day!



I’m not superstitious. Nothing has ever gone bad for me on a Friday the 13th. I’ve had some negative things happen to me on a Friday the 15th. But all of my Friday the 13th’s have been fine. So I welcome the day when the 13th falls in a Friday. No worries.

So what is the large lesson? That we control how things can be for ourselves. Its up to us to change the perceptions. Bad days can happen on any day. 13 is JUST a number and it doesn’t have to have control over you. That is much like other areas in life.

So enjoy your Friday the 13th and see you on Saturday the 14th!

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