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Spin The Wheel!!

Last month I introduced what I call the “Random” episode of my radio show, Super Organizer Universe Radio.

Occasionally from time to time, i will have episodes where i pick a variety of topics under Organizing and talk about them!
WE have a spinning wheel sound and I randomly go thru my over 500 blog posts and pick on and elaborate on it! THIS Friday (tomorrow) It’s time for another one and i have returning guest Frank Moran with me! IT will be a fun time AND informative!!

2015-08-04 12.31.44_resized

This is just one of the things I am trying out to keep my radio show fresh and interesting yet continue to inform and help!

Here is the link for the show tomorrow that starts at 10am PST :

You can follow ME on FB at The Super Organizer

You can follow Frank on Twitter at @happygojackie and Sundays with ME on The GH Report on Afterbuzztv!




S.O.U.R Show that aired 7-31-15 Organizing/Life Tips!


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