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Super Share Tuesday: Food Journal Worksheet

I was talking about Food journaling and some folks have asked me if there are any worksheets out there.

Here is a worksheet I got from Mary Martha Mama:

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This one is from

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Super Tip Monday: One Way To Make Food Journaling Fun!

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I recently went to the doctor and had a wake up call! I weigh the most I ever have. So now I am on an eating plan for the next 3 months and it includes food journaling. I have to write down what I eat and drink every day. Boring to me, but I know its important for my health and to hold myself accountable too.

I found one way to make it interesting! If i am eating at home with products from my home that are prepacked, say a can of something or a frozen entrée, then if i can cut out the label of the item and the ingredients/ nutritional facts, I tape them on the page in the book of that day!! OR I take a pic and print it and tape it in! 

Just a way of switching it up from writing, which can get tiring. Try it!

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