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Super Tip Thursday- Don’t Make Things Difficult For Yourself


Don’t make things hard for yourself….when it comes to organizing. AS you are getting organized, you want to create processes that are simple and accessible. The fewer the steps, the greater chance you will stay organized. For example, you want all dirty clothes off the floor and organized somewhere. Get hampers that have no lids or covers. Label the hampers (whites. colors or kids, adults or towels/sheets, clothes) whatever will work for you and your household. Place the hampers in a spot in the laundry room that is open and easy to get to. Make it so easy that people in your house can’t miss them.

Staying organized doesn’t have to be an everyday burden. You want to make it part of your life. You want it to be a great addition.To add to the example above, if you don’t want to get hampers, use boxes or big plastic containers. And the location can be wherever you think its easiest for the other people in the house. Maybe its the mudroom¬†¬†or the bathroom, or in the upstairs hallway. The goal is to make it easy and simple and helpful.

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