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Super Tip Thursday- What To Do Immediately With Dry Cleaning


When you bring clothes home from the dry cleaner, please take them out of the plastic bags. Those bags are only meant to protect clothes until you get them home; they aren’t good for long-term storage. Moisture can build up in the bags, leading to mildew problems. The bags can also cause white clothes to yellow, and other clothes to fade. I’ve also heard some suggest that you could cut off the plastic bag below the shoulder to provide dust protection while still avoiding the problems plastic bags can cause. I take them off immediately and take off the wire hangers too (see No More Wire Hangers). I hang them on nice hangers. And I do have a few garment bags that are better to house clothes.

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NO Wire Hangers….EVER!!!!



Wood hangers are nice to look at but they tend to take up too much space in the closet (in my opinion). The plastic hangers are light but don’t look as nice.  Wire hangers are not even up for consideration. Yes they come with your dry cleaning, but you shouldn’t leave clothes in dry cleaning bags for too long for they can trap moisture. ( Another tip is to bring back all the wire hangers to the dry cleaners. It’s good to recycle.) In my practice personally AND professionally are the “huggable” hangers. And one of the brands I use and recommend are by Joy Mangano. I found her on HSN (Home Shopping Network) and Target. 

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers are light yet sturdy and the best part is that they are covered in velvet, so your clothes never fall off. Also they are thin and stylish, and they come in different colors, so they can brighten up your closet space. I highly recommend them. You can go to or for more details and to buy them.




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