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I Dare You To Do This ONE Thing Today!



You are committed to having the best life possible, right?

You want to get and BE organized in your personal space, right??


I am giving YOU a challenge today!


Get rid of five things!

It doesn’t matter to me what those five things are! It doesn’t matter to me WHY you choose those five things! Many times we have to physically remove stuff out of our spaces to get organized! SO choose five things TODAY and get rid of them! Take them out of your space!

Donate, throw out (if its trashed), pass on to someone….get it out of your space!

I dare you!!!

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Posted by on January 10, 2017 in Organizing


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Super Tip Tuesday: Hello Old Friend.



Todays tip come from a rule that i like to follow in my personal life AND professional life as an organizer: The One Year Rule.

The One Year Rule is when you look at something,a piece of paper, shoes, clothes, toys, and ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last year! If the answer is NO, then it’s probably time to let it go.  If the One Year Rule is not comfortable for you, then try the Two Year Rule or Five Year rule. You get the picture. I’ll even expand, just a bit, in reference to clothes and I use another rule that i find works with the One Year Rule: The Does It Still Fit/ Is It In Decent Condition Still Rule! Even I had to recently pull out the 15 Year Rule and FINALLY look at that shirt (that was now too small, ahem) with the holes in it and stains of questionable origin and through it out! At first it was painful, but now I’m okay and have moved on. Family’s with small and school age children can find themselves with LOTS of toys laying around or the toy box overflowing with things they don’t even acknowledge exist. In the past when the kids were little we would take the toys that the kids moved on from and passed them on to the younger kids. 

Try it and see how much more room you’ll have in your space. And if the item is in still relatively good condition, you can donate it or pass it on to a friend who WILL use it!



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