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Super Thought of the Day: Being Different Is Good

I had a situation recently with a first time client that led to this post . Let me explain the situation first.

 I gained a new client and came to her house to begin and her husband pulled her into another room and told her that he couldn’t have a black man touching his things In his house. Mind you that I heard him say this also, the walls were thin. She came back out and told me that she had to back out. She offered me money for the 3 hr session that was aborted.
In a calm voice I told her to keep her money. And added that I couldn’t accept money from people who hire based on race and that I was more disappointed in her than him. Then I left.
As I turn 50 next month, it’s surprising that I can still be shocked and discriminated because of the color of my skin and what that is to people.

It made me think about each of us who is an Organizer and how we come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders, etc…that clients are so fortunate to have a diverse group of professionals to choose from. Each of us has value and experience to share. While everyone has a right to work with or not work with whomever they choose, I like working with people who aren’t exactly like me. (well there is no one exactly like me)

Another great thing is that many of us are more alike than we realize and though we may look diffrent from each other or grew up on opposite ends of the country, we have things in common.


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