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Hooks Can Be Your Friend

When you are dealing with limited space, you have to find creative ways to store your items. One thing that helped one of my clients was installing hooks on the back of the bathroom door and closet doors. Just a couple, not too many. You can hang towels, jackets, robes,etc.

There are all kinds of hooks of diffrent shapes and sizes and materials. For example if you can put holes in the doors, there are the kind of hooks that have strong tape backing for easy install and remove. See below:


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Super Tip Tuesday: Hanging In The Bathroom



In some of the places I have lived, the bathrooms were small and did not have a lot of counter space. Currently I have a large bathroom with NO counter space ( I have a pedestal sink). One option is wall-mounting your hair dryer, flat-iron, brush, etc. You can put up a series of  hooks. They have the kind that stick on the wall and are easy to take down when done ( like the picture I posted above). Or you can put up a rack or shelves and place stuff on them.

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