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Five Things To Remember When Organizing With Another Person



There are FIVE items that I found are useful to a successful organizing journey with another person. The other person could be a roommate, spouse, partner, office co worker, parent, etc. These five things have to be agreed upon by BOTH parties:

  1. Find a time that works for both of you.
  2. Find a common goal and agree on it.
  3. Take joint ownership when problems/issues arise. (“WE” not “You”)
  4. Listen to each other carefully with an open mind. Each person may have a different approach.
  5. Have some fun!! Jokes and laughs go a long way.
If you are not sure it will work, then see if you can put this to use on a small project. Always remember that you both are human beings and have feelings. And the goal is get done whatever it is to get done and if you are going to collaborate/work together then respect is always key!


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