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I Totally Forgot I Still Had That!

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I’m inviting you all to a challenge.

For many of us, clothes and shoes are the bane of our existence. We have pounds and pounds of clothes or racks and racks of shoes. Ask yourself, do you wear 90 percent of your clothes? If you do, then you are doing great!! You must rotate well and like the diversity of your wardrobe. If you are anything less than 90 percent, then this challenge is for you!

My goal is for you to reduce clutter and keep what you actually wear. And I will expand this to clothes of different seasons.So if you divide your clothes into seasons, this challenge is for the current season.

I want you to pick 3 things you haven’t worn in 6 months or longer and wear them within this next week! 

When you pick those three things, if you can’t fit any of them or they are stained, ripped beyond repair, its time to get them out the house,

I am going to do the challenge myself and post pics on my FB page @thesuperorganizer

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Super Tip Tuesday- A Few Ways To Get Rid of Clutter

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Clutter doesn’t happen overnight. It has beginnings. By the time you are looking at your space, its cluttered! It’s not the end of the world. It CAN be fixed! YOU can fix it!

 cluttered office small

Why there is clutter in the first place is psychological. It is important to find out WHY but it is also important to physically DO something about it. My assignment to you is to do something SMALL. I found that the smallest things can yield the biggest satisfactions! Try one of the following to start:

Clear off and make your bed.

Clear out the kitchen or bathroom sink . Make it shine.

Take all dirty clothes off the floor and put in a hamper or bag or box.

Do the same with kid toys. 

Clean your mirrors.

Start with something small. If you have floor space, vacuum or sweep it. THAT can really change the look of a room.


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Quick Tip Saturday- Pull It Out!!!


Pull everything out of a drawer. Just take the drawer out and empty it on a table.

Then sort the drawer into three piles:

  1. stuff that really should go in the drawer.

  2.  stuff that belongs elsewhere.

  3.  stuff to get rid of.

Clean the drawer out nice, then put the stuff in the first pile back neatly and orderly.

Deal with the other piles immediately!

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Five Things To Remember When Organizing With Another Person



There are FIVE items that I found are useful to a successful organizing journey with another person. The other person could be a roommate, spouse, partner, office co worker, parent, etc. These five things have to be agreed upon by BOTH parties:

  1. Find a time that works for both of you.
  2. Find a common goal and agree on it.
  3. Take joint ownership when problems/issues arise. (“WE” not “You”)
  4. Listen to each other carefully with an open mind. Each person may have a different approach.
  5. Have some fun!! Jokes and laughs go a long way.
If you are not sure it will work, then see if you can put this to use on a small project. Always remember that you both are human beings and have feelings. And the goal is get done whatever it is to get done and if you are going to collaborate/work together then respect is always key!


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Super Tip Thursday-Do You See What I See


For ME and many of my clients, when I SEE obvious results in cleaning and organizing, I’m motivated to continue the process. SO you have a lot of places and spaces to declutter or clean out, or organize, my tip is to start with the areas that are the MOST VISIBLE. Starting with the most visible cluttered area first and getting that done can really boost your confidence and increase your feeling to get organized. I’m a very visual person. If my room is a mess, I’ll make my bed and that makes me want to continue getting the rest of the room in order.

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Don’t Add Clutter TO Mothers Day



We spend millions of dollars on “stuff” to give as gifts for our Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Spouses,, etc. for Mother’s Day. Since I’m all about organization and keeping clutter to a minimum, I have a few suggestions for Mothers Day gifts that won’t add too much but can pack an emotional punch for that special lady.

Framing– Look around your house or hers, is there something special you could frame and give to her as a gift? A picture of all the kids? A shirt and bib from a marathon she conquered? Artwork? A menu from your favorite restaurant? The idea is to find something that is special to her that is ALREADY in existence and frame it and present it to her in a new and thoughtful way. AND it save bringing MORE stuff in the house.

Food and Drink: Getting her that chocolate she like is nice, but what about making her a special meal? And if you can;t cook, ordering her a meal from her favorite restaurant and having it delivered! There are delivery services out there like EAT 24, that deliver from your favorite restaurants in your area. Top it off with that bottle of wine she likes and/or cupcakes!

Coupons: An old time fav! Either you OR the kids can make homemade coupons for goods and services and put them in her card or special envelope. This is especially good for the kids. I’m sure MOM would love to have a day off from doing dishes or sorting the laundry. It also teaches kids responsibility and giving back to others, And for the adults, your coupons could be for a 1 hour message, pick up dry cleaning, or something more adult, ahem…

There are other examples out there but these are just a few ideas i wanted to share. We have many holidays throughout the year where buying a gift is encourged and we just gain more and more stuff. I feel its okay for a few of the holidays to forgo that and choose a different way to give.Also it brings back the personal side to the day.  Look around the house and see whats there.


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The 5 Day Challenge



Over at my spinoff blog  I started a 5 day challenge to my readers on Monday and it will continue till Friday. I understand that Spring Cleaning and/or organizing can’t always happen at one time and for a large time block. So i am suggesting small starts in certain areas each day. They don’t take that long and uncluttering happens as a result! I believe each of my challenges are helpful and useful and work. I invite you to check out them and put them to use!

Check out my 5 Day Challenge (and other useful tips) at

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