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2 Ways To Make More Room IN Your Closet

1. Multipurpose clothing! Reversible belts and jackets and sweat shirts . I have a couple of belts that are black on one side and brown on the other. And shoes with several colors in them. For example I have shoes that are black with brown accents. SO I can wear the shoes with more outfits and use the belt for more clothes.

Image result for reversible belts picturesImage result for two tone shoes pictures

2. Buying pants in colors and styles you can wear with multiple tops! Jeans are the best. A good pair of jeans and you can dress up and dress down. You can have 10 pairs of pants for 20 tops. You don’t need a pair of pants for every shirt! Black and Blue and Brown are good colors to match with .

Image result for pictures of two looks with same clothes

picture courtesy of Ricky Who

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4 Useful Laundry Tips That I Tried (and Worked)!


I love hearing about solutions to everyday issues, especially household ones. The four below are ones told to me and I tried them and they worked for me. As usual, I am passing on this info to you all. Maybe you will find them useful too.

If you find sweat stains on your shirts, try soaking them with two crushed aspirin and half a cup of warm water. Soak for a few hours.

Say goodbye to the days of missing socks. Keep them paired at all times by washing them together in a lingerie bag.

To speed up your laundry’s drying time, place a dry towel along with your wet clothing in the dryer. The towel will help absorb water. Just pull it out after about 15 minutes so it doesn’t continue to contribute to the water in the machine.

Hanging up your clothes as soon as you take them out of the washing machine will leave them crease-free. With dresses and shirts, hang them on a hanger and hook them on the clothesline to dry.


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NO Wire Hangers….EVER!!!!



Wood hangers are nice to look at but they tend to take up too much space in the closet (in my opinion). The plastic hangers are light but don’t look as nice.  Wire hangers are not even up for consideration. Yes they come with your dry cleaning, but you shouldn’t leave clothes in dry cleaning bags for too long for they can trap moisture. ( Another tip is to bring back all the wire hangers to the dry cleaners. It’s good to recycle.) In my practice personally AND professionally are the “huggable” hangers. And one of the brands I use and recommend are by Joy Mangano. I found her on HSN (Home Shopping Network) and Target. 

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers are light yet sturdy and the best part is that they are covered in velvet, so your clothes never fall off. Also they are thin and stylish, and they come in different colors, so they can brighten up your closet space. I highly recommend them. You can go to or for more details and to buy them.




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Super Tip Thursday: Add Up To 10 More Minutes In The Morning


Are you pressed for time in the morning? Do you never know exactly what to wear and get frustrated in the morning trying to figure it out? Or do you just want some extra time in the morning to do other things? I have a suggestion. While you are getting really for bed, pick out your clothes. 

There have been times where it has taken me up to ten minutes to decide on what I am going to wear. Sometimes it was annoying. So now I usually see what the weather is going to be the next day and spend the time to put together an outfit that night. After I have picked an amazing outfit,  I would  lay it neatly over a chair or hang it together in the front part of the closet (I now have a clothing rack.). That’s one less thing I have to worry about doing in the morning. 

Try it! You may develop a new routine and have more time in the morning to enjoy your hot shower or read your favorite blog.

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