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Sort Out Saturday: REALLY Try This!!!

I am inviting each and every one of you reading this blog post to do this one thing!

Go to your closet and pick two things you haven’t worn in over 6 months and wear them the next day! 

Of course make sure they are weather appropriate lol I’m not saying wear a winter coat in hot summer.

Just do that!!

If you are bold, do that everyday this week…..


Lets rotate those clothes and use them. Also it lets you know what you have in your closet!



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3 Ways To Make More Room In Your Closet

Do you have a hard time fitting your newly bought clothes in your closet? 
Maybe its time to thin out.
One suggestion is to go through and take out the old clothes and/or clothes you don’t wear anymore. That is probably the most obvious but sometimes we forget what’s in there. Even I have discovered jackets or shirts in the BACK of the closet that I hung up and forgot about. Then there are those of us who either lose or gain weight and we haven’t gotten to the closet yet and gone through the old clothes.
There might be things that could be folded instead of hung. Take those out. I’m a fan of NOT hanging sweaters. I feel it stretches out and ruins the shape. (Though I do know people who will fold a sweater in half and drape it over the hanger.) My point is that you may have more room elsewhere (dresser drawers, armoires) where other things can go, which in turn makes more room in the closet.
Then there is the thing that I am guilty of sometimes, putting other non clothes items in the closet. Get those things out of there and to their appropriate places. Toys, luggage, papers. Get them out of there and you’ll have more room.
We go shopping. We get gifts for our birthday or at Christmas. You want to have a place to put them when they enter your space.
The overall plan is to have a less than full closet so that when you do need to hang something up, it will be easier…and organized.
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What’s Working IN Your Closet?


Clothes Closet Organization. I have talked about what doesn’t work in a closet Lets talk about what CAN work in a closet. How you set up your closet is really up to you! In my opinion there is no right way or wrong way to set up a closet. I believe it is as individual as the person using the closet. I really stress to my clients to tell me about their clothes wearing habits so that we can organize in a way that is the most convenient and pleasing to them.

If you are having closet issues or are now wondering why it take forever to find certain items in the morning, then I have a few examples of what  might work for you:

1) Put all pajamas and sleepwear on hooks behind the closet door. It’s easy to get to and you wear them EVERY night.

2) Put all work pants and tops on a shelf that is eye level and easy to reach. Again you were them at least 5 days a week.

3) Get a couple of baskets and put all of your exercise/gym/running gear in them and place them neatly on the floor off to the side.

4) Have all suits/formal dresses in the back of the closet if you don’t wear them regularly but need them out for events on occasion.

5) Instead of hanging my sweaters, it might make more sense to fold them. You may gain more room.

6) Analyze how much of things you have (how many dress shirts, dress pants, jeans, sweaters) You may have more sweaters than shirts. Hang all the shirts up and fold all the sweaters.and put away in a drawer. You want to maximize the space yo have the best way it can be used.

These are just a few examples of how things can work for you in a closet. The goal is work smarter not harder. Group things together and have the most commonly used items front and center and easy to reach.


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Most Worn Shoes To The Front


Separate shoes into 2 categories: Shoes worn on a regular basis and shoes worn occasionally. Shoes worn on a regular basis are those you wear all the time. Shoes for work, shoes for play, gym shoes, the shoes you would would grab to go to the store in. Occasionally worn shoes would be those extreme high heels you put on when you go to the club a couple of Saturday nights a month. It could also include seasonal shoes. You have those boots you like that you don’t want to put away because every once in a while the weather calls for them.

I suggest keep all regularly worn shoes very visible and accessible to you. If you have shoe racks, have them up front. If you have shelving, then put occasionally worn shoes up high or in the back.

I read somewhere that the average adult female has 40 pairs of shoes and the average adult male has 10 pairs. In my work, I don’t think that’s so accurrate. I’ve seen men with 10 pairs of sneakers alone! And we won’t get into MY shoe fetish or amount of shoes I have in MY closet….

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Organization For Your Home or Office!




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