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The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 5

#GOMonth is almost over and I’ve given you 4 challenges so far! This next one is a bigger one! 

Here is the 5th challenge:

I want you to clean out your refrigerator!!!!!

Image result for organized refrigerator

pictures courtesy of The Container Store!

It’s time! Do it! Throw out all old food,pieces of food, get it out! Do you see anything that is still good but you haven’t used yet? Maybe put that to the front of the fridge. The fridge is one of the most used appliances. Lets keep it nice and lets know what we have in there!

It can save you money too! 


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Super Tip Thursday: Clean Out Refrigerator The Night Before Trash Day


It doesn’t take that long and its handled immediately. I go through my refrigerator the night before trash day (since that’s when I’m collecting the rest of the trash and recyclables in the house) and throw out any spoiled food or liquids. It makes room in the fridge for new items and keeps the space smelling fresh. And its saves in steps. You do it all at the same time at once as opposed to cleaning out the refrigerator one day and filling the bins up and then taking out the heavy bins to the curb.

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