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Super Organizer Saturday: Here’s Some Great Christmas Storing Supplies!!


I don’t work for Big Lots! I am not a paid spokesperson for big lots! I AM a Big Lots Buzz Reward member and frequent shopper! I found they items in their Christmas section that I think are great items for storing Christmas items! AND they are so affordable. I am passing on the info to YOU!!!!


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Happy Christmas Everyone!!

Hold everyone you love close you this Christmas time!! I love you all!!

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Christmas Week Quotes I Like

Image result for Christmas week quotesImage result for Christmas week quotes

Image result for Christmas week quotesImage result for Christmas week quotes

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Some Useful Holiday Organizing Tips

We are in the middle of the holiday season. We can all use any tips we can to help the season go smoother.  Here are some useful tips:

1, Clear Plastic Bins are good to keep wrapping supplies. They have them to fit every size and shape. They have long ones for wrapping paper on the rolls to small drawers sets for tape, scissors, tags, ribbons, etc.

This alt value should not be empty if you assign primary imageRibbon Storage Box w/Divider, Tray, Red Lid/Clear Container, 16" L x 5-9/16" W x 5-1/2" H - Pkg Qty 6

2, They have special bins for storing Christmas lights. I just found this out not too long ago. Very helpful in the keeping the lights de-tangled.

3. There are ornament storage boxes too!!

All images courtesy of Kohls and Target .

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Super Tip Thursday: Tips About Travel Documents

For myself and many others its travel season! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are coming up! I fly to see my kids and grankids. Sometimes its for work. Either way you need to keep it organized to make your travel run smoother.

A tip that I have for you guys it to either get a binder or a sturdy folder first!

The size of binder depends on how much travel and how many people you are travelling with. 1″ or 2″ binders are usually fine.Some binders come with dividers/inserts, if not then you can buy that. . As for the folder, it need to be a strong paper folder or a folder with a pouch in it. Your preference. You want a place to put all stuff/papers related to travel in one place!

Then group everything by trip, then by date!! 

Have all of your paperwork go in chronological order! From Monday to Sunday or the 1st to the 10th. So plane tickets , then car rentals,  then hotel reservations, then….etc. Best way I have found to do it!!

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Happy Christmas From the Super Organizer!!


Merry Christmas to you and yours and however you choose to celebrate!


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A Big Tip For The Day After Christmas!


I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I certainly did. I got to spend time with my family in Sacramento. Always a joyful time! Now its the day after (or days after depending when you are reading this) and I’m going to offer one tip that works across the board to reduce the Christmas gift clutter.


If you or your family members received a lot of gifts, then here is a suggestion that works for me: One in One Out!

For every new pair of clothes items, take out a pair of old clothes items in your closet or dresser. Socks for socks. Shirt for shirt. Purse for purse. It’s a great time to take out something you never wear, or doesn’t fit or is worn out.

For every new kids toy, take out an old kids toy. Of course I’m not talking about throwing out Zachary’s favorite toy car, find something they outgrew, or never play with, or is worn out!

This can be applied to just about anything. Kitchen items, garage tools, jewelry, the list goes on.


Recycle. Pass on. Throw out. Sell. Keep the commitment to yourself to stay uncluttered!

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