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The Super Organizer Christmas Show!

Yes in the expanding universe of the Super Organizer, I can add Christmas show to it! I would have never thought this was a possiblity but it is a reality due to my partnership with AfterbuzzTV. Producer Stephen Lemieux and I have crafted a fun show for the holiday season! The topics will vary but every episode I will give an organizing tip or two! It has been fun seeing where I can take the brand over the last 10 years! Very diverse! Here is a link to the first episode:


Come have fun with me! Celebrate Christmas the next few months!!



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Christmas Week Quotes I Like

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Super Organizer Monday- Reflections At Christmas Time


We are almost to the end of the holiday season. Christmas is in a few days, then it’s New Years! I don’t know about you but it seems to have gone by fast! In the middle of all the shopping and parties and regular life, I have found myself reflecting on where I’ve been and where I am right now.

Professionally I had a great year! The best year yet! I worked hard to increase my presence out in the virtual and physical worlds. It has worked. The year before I made the decision to really be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. This year I branched out to LinkedIn, Stumble Upon and Reddit. The results have been great. I started this blog this year. This blog stands as one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Not only has it expanded my reach, it has brought me to the attention of people and businesses beyond my thoughts! It has also sharpened my writing and opened the door to some projects that I hope to release in 2015. Writing this blog has also strengthened me personally too. I love sharing what I know and find and the feedback has been great.

I also finished a course in school, Life Coaching. Professionally it has added value to my business. I have another useful service to give to people. Personally the training has changed my life. The course got me centered and trained to handle many of life’s situations. I learned other ways to speak and different ways to look at a problem. Getting certified as a Life Coach continued my vision of wanting to assist people in being the best they can be. It helped me work towards being the best I could be.

Personally it has been a year of growth. It has been a year of taking chances. I’ve taken calls and had meetings. Not everything panned out. And that’s okay. Those things kept me in focus to what I want to accomplish. Not every opportunity is the right opportunity for me. This year I did my best to remember what is important to me. Not all money is good movie money.

I worked on my health. I gave up coffee and red meat. I took up yoga and meditation. I started juicing and I started a garden in my backyard. All things that calm me down. Being a small business owner can be really stressful and I noticed that my health started to reflect the stress. Not good. I started to really listen to my body. I got the messages. Sometimes they were strong and literally knocked me over. Others were small yet powerful. I decided not to work 7 days a week. My mental and physical health are very important and if I don’t take care of me, then there will be no business.

I’m painting, writing, blogging, coaching and organizing. For a job well done, I have rewarded myself four days off this week. I will be with my kids and grandkids celebrating Christmas and them. In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Helping others is a passion of mine, but spending time with the ones I love is priceless.

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