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Super Tip Friday- Breaking Up Chores Into Pieces!

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I got this idea while recovering from Bells Palsy and some days I would have energy and other days I wouldn’t. AND I still wanted to get things done around the house.

Here is a tip:

On a normal day you might be able to do 4 or 5 things you do. If you don’t have the energy, break it down to 1 or 2 things on a day. Make one day for dusting and wiping counters. Make another day a vacuum day. And so on. Make Mondays the bill paying day.¬†

Your health comes first and I also know that many of us don’t want our homes to get out of control. AND you want to feel useful. Sometimes doing chores can lift your spirits too.

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Quick Tip Tuesday- Teaching School Age and Teenage Kids An Organizing Trick



Here is one way to get your kids to “help” in the laundry department (and it helps with their “messy” rooms):
Get a two-compartment laundry hamper OR get two cardboard boxes. Mark one Light (or WHITE) and the other DARK (or COLORS). Or mark one SHIRTS and one PANTS. Or mark one SCHOOL CLOTHES and the other PLAY CLOTHES or PAJAMAS. You get the idea!

It teaches them responsibility and an organizing skill! If you want to have them DO their own laundry, that’s another story…

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Chores For Kids

I believe that my upbringing of having to do chores around the house and in the yard helped shape my perspective of hard work and contribution. I learned responsibility and consequences. I ran across a kids chores list that I wanted to share with all the parents out there.



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