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Super Tip Tuesday: A Child Size Hanger IS Hard To Find



I used to throw away or ask the cashier to keep the hangers that came with kids clothes. Not anymore. I have found that it’s not easy to find child size hangers out there. So I say that you should keep the smaller hangers for the kid clothes. Usually for their dressier stuff such as school uniforms or suits or church clothes.

There are some places online that sell child size hangers:

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Super Tip Thursday: My Freezer Smells, Time To Clean It Out


Sometimes having a routine is good! Sometimes when you designate a time or day to do something, and then consistently do it, it becomes second nature. And things get done.


Change your sheets on your bed every Sunday and Thursday.
Clean out refrigerator every Saturday morning.
Vacuum every other Tuesday.
Back up computer every Friday night.

You get the picture. And this can extend into tasks throughout the year too.


Clean out and organize the previous years files in January.
Clean out storage spaces in home and garage in March.
Put away Winter clothes/Pull out Spring-Summer clothes in May. (the ever changing climate will dictate which month you would set this up.)
Clear out and organize Kids clothes in July.

These kinds of habits are good to have!

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