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Quick Tip Saturday- Doing Nothing Has A Cost.



It took me awhile to “get” that NOT doing anything about a situation doesn’t make the situation go away. Also it doesn’t correct itself. How many times have you said or thought, ” I just wont say anything and maybe it’ll get better.” or  ” If I don’t bother it, then nothing will happen.” Leaving it alone or not touching it or not trying to make change happen can “hurt” you! Sometimes the effects are immediate and other times it hits 2,3 4 years down the road. Change is good. Change is necessary for growth. I had to stop saying that I don’t like change. Because when I started to look back on my life, I am not the same person I was 20 years ago or even 5 years ago. SO apparently I do like change. haha.

I know that some areas of your life can seem overwhelming or bad. Maybe you feel stuck. Possibly you hate your situation but are used to it. It’s the “Better the devil you know” kind of thing. In my opinion and from personal experience, it kills your soul. Your insides die a little at a time when you don’t embrace change and make it happen. So to begin that process I have one tip for you:

Acknowledge and accept that doing nothing has a cost.

Once you do that, you can begin the process to do SOMETHING. Weigh the risks involved in doing nothing versus doing something. I’m not asking to DO anything yet! Think of a current situation or issue. Then acknowledge and accept that doing nothing has a cost and look at the risks of doing nothing versus doing something. THEN you can decide of its time for action.


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Hand in Hand!


At the end of 2008/beginning of 2009, at the age of 40, I decided to change my whole life. I left Northern California (after 22 years), left my job in Event Management (after 7 years), left my roommates and friends and moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles. It was the BEST decision I have made.   I’m close to my family again. While here I’ve been able to explore my many hobbies: Painting, writing, running marathons, house fixing and art collecting. I also do voiceover work and some background acting. BUT i really found my passion!!

My passion is Organizing!!  I breathe, eat and sleep it! I am the founder and owner of this Professional Organizing business called The Super Organizer. I started this business 3 years ago. I took bits and pieces of things from my previous careers (i.e. Nursing, Event Planning, Retail, Sales, Merchandising, Cleaning, just to name a few) and created this business and it continues to evolve, hence my enrollment and completion in Life Coaching. I believe what i am doing is life coaching my clients on how to live in their homes and offices in a way that is unique, individual, efficient, and positive!

It is my belief that everyone deserves to have a non-complicated life filled with organization. And I will continue to do my best to help anyone and everyone achieve that goal.


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