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Big Brother 19: Has Paul Just Become The Smartest Player in History?!

PAUL is in the finals!!! He could actually win this time!! (He lost last season!) He has played the house so well that NOBODY ever puts him on the block!! Putting him on the block is never even discussed! I have been watching this season with my mouth on the floor!!

What do you think?!

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Big Brother 19: Do You Think The Producers Are Heavily Manipulating The Game?

Its that time of year and I LOVE my Big Brother on CBS. This season is off with a bang! They found folks who are wanting to play hard early in the game (which never works) and they brought back fan fav Paul to the show. I like Paul but if i was playing the game, he would’ve been out first. oh but he couldn’t because of the 3 week immunity he received. It lead to question, what that a tactic to keep Paul in the game for at least the beginning? he makes good TV?

And Cody who was making good TV, is voted out, but now there is a chance he (or the others voted out) can get back in. Hmm..

Also WE don’t know how the votes go from “America”, JESSICA gets the “halting” pass from the den of temptation. hmm..

Speculation for years has been that producers have some hand in things. I don’t know for sure. If you are a fan and viewer, I would love to know what YOU think?

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Big Brother 16: The Simple Answer To Who Should Win


I started an online conversation last week on who we think should win this season of Big Brother. People chimed in on who they think should win. Others voiced who they’d like to see get the money. Derrick and Donny were the top two names that came up over and over in the discussion. In the middle of the thread, someone wrote, “Point is whoever wins should win, that’s how this game works.”  Hmm, I guess that’s true.

At first I thought the person was getting smart with me (this is online after all) but I REALLY started to think about it. Like I talk about in a previous blog What We See VS What They See, WE see all the different sides of the players and the game, The players don’t. they are going by and therefore voting on what they feel, see, or know. Because we have the bigger picture, of course we would have a different opinion to who should win. If the house guest had a glimpse into the DR’s and private conversations and secret alliances, then it would be an entirely different game.

I never really looked at the game this way before. I got caught up in what I SEE and my opinions on who deserves the money based on that. Now with ALL of that said, I still know who I’d like to win the game. But… the end, when someone wins, it’s who SHOULD win. Right? Maybe? Kinda?

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Big Brother 16: The End of Zankie, Someone Returns, and Will Arnett


Zach is voted out!!! In some ways I am kinda sad. He is so entertaining. But like I have stated in previously blogs, he also bugs me. It’s a double-edged sword for me. And he was undone by Frankie?! Wow! I have a feeling though that Zach gets that this is a game and they will be friends outside the house. Plus Zach has a chance to win Fan Favorite and the money that comes with that.

The Ariana Grande is Frankie’s sister is out in the Jury house. I STILL wonder do any of the houseguests really care. I KNOW she is BLOWING up NOW, but she wasn’t huge before they went in this summer. And let me state for the record, I like her voice and music. It might matter because she is perceived to have a lot of money and maybe Frankie does too. THAT could affect votes. That competition to get back in the Big Brother House was fierce. Personally I was glad Jocosta and Hayden didn’t get back in. I was hoping for Zach (can you imagine the fireworks.) but Nicole was the winner. I wonder what she’ll be able to do.

That Ice bucket for ALS challenge is EVERYWHERE!!! and it made its way to the Big Brother-verse. CBS President and Husband of Julie Chen challenged her to do it live! Then the Chen-bot challenged EVERY HOUSE GUEST WHO HAS EVER PLAYED THE GAME! And i have to say that Will Arnett (who stars on a CBS sitcom) coming out and dousing Julie Chen was fun and surprising!

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My Guilty Pleasure on TV Every Summer- Big Brother


Like clockwork, at the beginning of every summer I know several things are going to happen; warmer weather, longer daylight, more kids running around at the mall AND Big Brother on CBS. YES, I am admitted it here to everyone, I watch Big Brother! I have watched all 16 cycles of this show! I commit 3 nights of my week to this freak fest on TV. Some may say that there is no reason to be on TV. Watching 16 people live in a pimped out, camera filled house with a stage and studio right out of it, bicker, fight, smooch, and compete in insanely thought up competitions for money may not be your idea of quality television. Big Brother is one of the longest reality competition shows and there are a bunch of versions airing all over the world.

Trust me I get what it IS, but I really get in to it. I decide which “cast” members I will like and follow them thru their process.(One of my all time favorite characters is Janelle!)  I sneer and yell at my TV to the ones I think are dumb and annoying.(This season its Devon!)  I put myself in the competitions and wonder how I would perform. AS a Certified Life Coach, I KNOW that I have techniques and tools on how to deal with people but can I make them work on the show and make it to the end? And living with other people….I see the shots of how messy the house gets in there. AS a Professional Organizer, could i live in that for 3 months? And there is the ChenBot (host Julie Chen).

This 16th season has just begun and the twists are VERY interesting. TWO Head of Households each week (first time for this) and the Battle of the Block (where each HOH nominates 2 people for eviction and the two sets complete against each other to get off the chopping block). There are two muscular guys  “running” the house yet is dividing the other house guests and fans alike (Caleb and Devin) and an amazing “showmance” like the show has never seen between a straight man and a gay man (Zach and Frankie). Zrankie (or Zankie) has been such a popular hit with viewers! Even I’m in! (By the way Frankie is super star Arianna Grande’s brother)

I work hard everyday! And I also watch programs with “substance” and that provoke a serious dialogue but I do have a few shows that feel like comfort food and I can relax and just watch, like Big Brother.

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