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Super Organizer Sunday- Four Books I’m Reading Right Now!


I LOVE TO READ!!!!! I have always loved to read! I have a vivid imagination and I am open to being taken to places outside of my life! My parents were readers so there were books in the house. And we were encouraged to read as children.That has carried into my adulthood. I like many different genres. I like non-fiction and fiction. So the problem i have is that I can’t read just ONE book at a time. I read SEVERAL books at ONE time. Actually here’s how it works. I have about 4 to 6 books that i want to read. And it just depends on my mood as to which book I pick up. I read that book until I am tired of reading it. I do that with each book. The pacing is different with each one so at some point i’ll finish a book.Then I am down to 3 to 5 books. Then sometimes i’ll pick another book and put it into rotation. Most times each book is vastly different from the other. I need my variety. With that said, here are the four books i’m reading right now:

1- Fork On The Left, Knife In the Back by Michael Musto. So far its hilarious! The New York Village Voice pop cultural columnist has a way with words and I’m loving reading about celebrities!

2- Pat Loud A Woman’s Story by Pat Loud with Nora Johnson. It was HARD for me to find this out of print book but i did! Pat Loud is the Great Grandmother of Reality TV. An American Family on PBS aired in 1973 and there was NOTHING like it on TV before! My mother talks about being glued to the TV set and watching this “weird” show. Pat Loud’s marriage fell apart before America’s eyes and she visited her son Lance in NYC and viewers were treated to his “alternative” lifestyle. The book is a fascinating account (so far) of her journey.


3- Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert. From little Laura on Little House On The Prairie to SAG President and everything in between! SO far its a really candid take on her life. She has been giving great backstage stories and insights.You are transported back in time to each situation she describes. I just read about how sister (Roseanne and The Talk star) Sara got her name!

4- The Walking Dead Compendium One by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, Cliff Rathburn. It’s my first graphic novel! My brother give it to me as a gift. I LOVE the show! Its REALLY thick and a big book. I just started it!




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