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My 800th Post!!!!!!


I can’t believe it!! I’ve been doing this for 2 and a half years! I have written 95% of these posts! The first year the numbers were great for a first year of a niche blog. Last year I slacked a bit and didn’t write as much and I saw the numbers suffer. This year has been a resurgence! I’m writing a lot and have much to share with you all!

I’ve really enjoyed the dialogue with you too. I love feedback and comments, even those that differ from mine. At least we are talking about things that affect having the best life we deserve!

Thank you so much. My life has changed professionally since i’ve started this in 2014 and that has effected what I’m saying. I have big plans in regards to this blog and the radio show (The Super Organizer Show) that came from this! Stay tuned..

Thank you for your support!!

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The Number 500!



Thank you to everyone has liked one of my blog posts over the last year and a half! I am humbled that every like that I got was for content I created . 

You like me! You really like me!

I had too….


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The Super Organizer Universe: Just The Tips

Talk Yourself Into Something!

Hello All! AS some of you know, I have another blog This blog, The Super Organizer Universe : Just The Tips, is a spin off of this blog. Its a compliment, a companion, and another place to come for easy and helpful practices that I use myself and recommend to my clients!  This week is my 1 year anniversary of that blog! If you didn’t know or haven’t visited it, please check it out!  I hope you enjoy and find what I feature useful in your own life!

If you have additional questions or need assistance, feel free to go to or contact me at


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Super Organizer Monday- What Do I Do?



When I meet new people, one of the natural questions is, “What do you do for a living?” Of course I tell them that im a Professional Organizer and Life Coach. But after reading my brothers recent blog post The Cost Of Blogging, I think I need to add another title, Blogger.

I started blogging 10 months (January of this year). My year as a Blogger is coming up fast. I don’t know where the time has gone. I blog full-time. I usually produce a blog post a day (there have been exceptions). I write for two blogs. this one and The Super Organizer Universe: Just The Tips. Its work to write blogs. It takes time and energy. I LOVE it and enjoy it so much. AND I do tell folks that I have a blog but usually as a secondary thing.

Like my brother over at, I don’t get paid to write these blogs. My blogs don’t make money. Well they kind As a result of this blog, I have gotten jobs. I’ve gotten ask to collaborate on projects. I’ve entered the orbit of people and companies that I might not have without this blog. My Twitter and Facebook followers have increased, which has resulted in jobs and job offers. SO I am making money…off of this blog.


I guess I looked at it as part of my job. It was one of my duties under the umbrella of The Super Organizer. I didn’t see it as equal to my other two professions. I know that many blogs make money from ad space and since I am not doing that (yet), I didn’t add Blogger to my title. Blogging is a huge industry! Bloggers are affecting change in the world. Bloggers are part of many aspects of our everyday life from e-commerce to movie promotion to self-help. Blogs are as important as websites. Web presence can make you money. AND it IS making me money.

So from now on when someone asks what I do for a living I’m going to say, I’m a Professional Organizer, Life Coach and Blogger.

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My Top 5 Most Popular Tips


 For those of you who don’t know, I have a second blog, a spin off blog, that I just post tip and suggestions. The blogs are short and sweet. The blog is called The Super Organizer Universe: Just The Tips. I started it in February and has a nice size fanbase. I invite you all add that blog to your viewing and maybe you will find something useful.

Below I am featuring my Top 5 most popular blog posts of all time (as of July 29th):

If You’re Sleepy, Then Go To Bed!

If you are tired, then don’t organize. If you are organizing and you’re getting tired, then stop organizing.
It’s always good to organize when you are wide awake and motivated! So if you are worn out from outside activities, then don’t try to clean out a space. If you have been organizing a room for the last six hours and you are genuinely exhausted, then end the session. If you continue, you can seriously hurt yourself (or others) and you won’t do a good job. You may miss something important. Stop while you are wanting to continue.

Lint Lint Lint

Remove dryer lint each time to help your machine’s efficiency! It helps the clothes dry faster and prevents a potential fire!

Beach Time! Pack Now.

Unless you are in Florida or Hawaii, now is the time of the year when its beach season!! Sometimes you know when you are going to the beach, other times it may be a spontaneous thing. One suggestion I have is to pre-pack a tote bag!
Fill a tote bag with towels, swimsuits/trunks, sunscreen, hats, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, whatever you think you would take to the beach. Store it in the trunk of your car, or neatly corner of your closet. Have fun and be safe!

Just A Packing Tip: Another Use For Ziploc Bags

I travel a lot so that means I pack luggage a lot. One thing I hated was when I got to my destination and opened my luggage all of my stuff was a jumbled mess. A fellow organizer suggested to me that I put my stuff in Ziploc bags!

Yes Ziploc bags! I use big ones and small ones.  Rather than having my suitcase explode all over the hotel room every time I open it, I like to keep everything separated in zip-lock bags or packing cubes. One bag will hold socks, one bag will hold a few t-shirts, etc. The clear bags make it easy for me to find things, will help keep everything wrinkle free, can save space (if you compress all the air out), and makes it easy for the TSA to root through my belongings if they have to do a search. It can also be handy to pack an entire outfit, from top to underwear, in each bag, so you just have to grab one bag in the morning and you can be dressed without having to think about it.  Same goes for small items like chargers and medicines. And then everything stays in its place and its easier to pack everything. (Make sure you get the air out of each bag.) And when I unpack from a trip, I keep them in my suitcase for the next trip.

Higher Ground

Take a look at your medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Are your pills, aspirins, and other heavy medicines easy for children or others to reach and hurt themselves? Its better to have them on the higher shelves. Or sometimes its good to store them in the kitchen, on the highest shelves.  And of course the 3rd option is storing them in locked cabinets. You can get actual locks or any baby proofing materials for cabinets!

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