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My 50th Follower!



Yesterday I gained my 50th Follower!! That may not sound like a lot in the blog universe, but it is important to me! I started this blog in January of this year and I started from scratch. I have it set up that every time I publish a post is goes to many of the major social media sites (i..e Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon….) . I get retweets and shares and comments on those sites and I’m always happy to see that. During this time, I’ve been slowly gaining followers to my blog. For me its feels extra rewarding because they are subscribing to ME! They are letting my universe into their world every day…on purpose. And I want to thank each and every one who is my follower! It makes me really conscious of what I am writing on here and I will continue to do my best and be my best self to you.

I would also like to thank EVERYONE who takes time out of their day to read one of my blog posts! It means the world to me and I enjoy sharing what I know! I want all of us to have the best lives we can!!!!

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The 5 Day Challenge



Over at my spinoff blog  I started a 5 day challenge to my readers on Monday and it will continue till Friday. I understand that Spring Cleaning and/or organizing can’t always happen at one time and for a large time block. So i am suggesting small starts in certain areas each day. They don’t take that long and uncluttering happens as a result! I believe each of my challenges are helpful and useful and work. I invite you to check out them and put them to use!

Check out my 5 Day Challenge (and other useful tips) at

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My 100th Post!


100. It sounds like a lot…or does it? 100 days. That’s a little over 3 months. In relation to a year it’s a nice chunk of time but not that long. 100 pieces of paper. That is actually a small stack. 100 Bees. THAT’S One bee too many! 100 years old. That’s a milestone. When I started this blog, I hadn’t imagines anything past the first 5 blogs. In the beginning, I was focused on making this blog the best it could be. I was trying to map out the tone of the blog and what topics i would talk about and how much of ME would I include. Getting those  first five blogs out felt like a major accomplishment! I was so proud by the time I got to my 5th post!

I have been opened to the world of blogging. There are some great, interesting blogs out there. Blogs in so many different categories.  I have found some that I follow that inspire me in my own writing style. I titled this blog The Super Organizer Universe because I promote positivity through organization. I want to share with you the things i learn and/or use in my practice and/or my own life. And I try to give you variety and diversity to pick and choose from.The Universe is large and ever evolving, and so will this blog.

Thank you so much so following and I will continue to do my best to give you information that is useful, transforming, practical, inspiring, motivating, and fun!

Now I have to go and write blog post 101….

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Happy 3 Month Anniversary to Us!


For those of you who watch The Walking Dead, YES i’m wearing the shirt in the picture because the Season Finale was last night! (At the time of this writing, I have not seen it yet.) But today represents the end of my first three months of writing this blog. Three months of tips and suggestions in the world of Life, Mind, and Physical Organization!

I have really enjoyed presenting this blog to YOU. With this blog I am “meeting” all of you and broadening the Super Organizer Universe. It is my pleasure and excitement to bring you the latest products that I like and find useful; relatable organizing tips; ways to think differently about Organizing. It has been a blast to hear from many of you on the MANY social media sites I share this blog on. Please continue to send me articles, pics, videos, etc of things you find in the Organizing and coaching worlds! I’m HONORED that you now think of me!

I’m also proud of the response to my spin-off blog The Super Organizer Universe: Just the Tips  I started it as just a site where I would share quick information that may be useful to you too. If you haven’t checked it out , please feel free to click on the link above.Its different content than on here, though occasionally they intersect.

So I’m writing at least 10 blogs a week!  I APPRECIATE each and every one of you who takes the time out of their day to read one! I’m really enjoying this venture and will continue to do my best to make The Super Organizer Universe the place you come to for you organizational needs!

Happy Anniversary!!


James Lott, Jr. AFIS CNA CTACC

Founder/CEO of The Super Organizer L.L.C.



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My First Month!


This post marks the end of the first month of my blog! I never thought I ever wanted to blog. I didn’t think that I had anything to blog about. Sure I have a full and exciting personal life, but do I want that all out there for the world to see? Um No! I’ll save that for the tell all book that will be released upon my deathbed. I know that once you put something out there, its OUT there! I’ll let the kids deal with that after i’m gone. I’m generous that way.

I realized that a blog for my business would be great! I’m so glad I started this blog. I like to write. I always have something to say. I love sharing tips and things ive learned with others. I can be funny (really im hilarious, just ask me and ill tell you).

I hope you find this blog helpful. Maybe there will be things I write that will encourage you. Possibly ill say something that will make you think in a different way. People hear the word organize and immediately feel tired, overwhelmed or simply tune out. I love all aspects of organization and I think it can be fun! I also understand it doesn’t come natural to everyone. I feel there are many rewards to the organization of body, mind, home, and office. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I hope to blog for a long time to come.


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