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My 400th Blog Post!!!


400! 400!!! That is a large number! This means I have posted 400 times on this blog. More importantly most of the posts were made of original material. I thank the universe everyday for the ability to write!

It’s great that is post comes at the beginning of the year. I have learned from my last 400 posts. I see what people respond to and what people ignore. I get an education every time I send out a post. And I am grateful….and listening. I will be making some adjustments and trying out some new things and as usual I will be watching your feedback.


Out of the 400, here are the top 5 most popular posts of the Super Organizer Universe:

  1. 3 Ways To Get People To Like You 
  2. Super Tip Tuesday- 19 Uses For Baking Soda
  3. Super Tip Thursday- Take Negative Words Out Of Your Sentences
  4. One Sentence That Changed My Adult Life!
  5. The Handshake!

Thank You so much for you support! Here’s to a great 2015!

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Super Organizer Friday- Happy Anniversary to ME!

Talk Yourself Into Something!

I LOVE what I do!!! I have found my passion! Almost 6 years ago, I entered the world of Professional Organizing. I got a few clients through my mom and off of Craigslist. I am grateful to those first clients! They made my dream into a reality. The Super Organizer was born!They showed me that I could do this. AND that I could make money from it! 4 years ago today, I became a Tax-ID’d Limited Liability Corporation!


These last 4 years have been great, hard, stressful and educational. I’ve gone back to school, added skills (i.e.. Life Coaching), changed and dropped some services, gained lotts of clients, and grown as person in general. This year I started two blogs( this one and that have been rewarding and successful! I have clients in several cities in California. I have clients in several states! I’m still learning and evolving. I love how VAST this business is and I have so much I want to learn.

I also feel like I’m contributing something substantial to the world. Finally I’m doing work that makes a difference. I enjoy the process. I love my clients. I learn from them everyday.So today as I celebrate my 4th Anniversary, I want to remember all the jobs and experiences I had prior to this and thank them! It all led me to working my passion!


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Super Organizer Monday- What Do I Do?



When I meet new people, one of the natural questions is, “What do you do for a living?” Of course I tell them that im a Professional Organizer and Life Coach. But after reading my brothers recent blog post The Cost Of Blogging, I think I need to add another title, Blogger.

I started blogging 10 months (January of this year). My year as a Blogger is coming up fast. I don’t know where the time has gone. I blog full-time. I usually produce a blog post a day (there have been exceptions). I write for two blogs. this one and The Super Organizer Universe: Just The Tips. Its work to write blogs. It takes time and energy. I LOVE it and enjoy it so much. AND I do tell folks that I have a blog but usually as a secondary thing.

Like my brother over at, I don’t get paid to write these blogs. My blogs don’t make money. Well they kind As a result of this blog, I have gotten jobs. I’ve gotten ask to collaborate on projects. I’ve entered the orbit of people and companies that I might not have without this blog. My Twitter and Facebook followers have increased, which has resulted in jobs and job offers. SO I am making money…off of this blog.


I guess I looked at it as part of my job. It was one of my duties under the umbrella of The Super Organizer. I didn’t see it as equal to my other two professions. I know that many blogs make money from ad space and since I am not doing that (yet), I didn’t add Blogger to my title. Blogging is a huge industry! Bloggers are affecting change in the world. Bloggers are part of many aspects of our everyday life from e-commerce to movie promotion to self-help. Blogs are as important as websites. Web presence can make you money. AND it IS making me money.

So from now on when someone asks what I do for a living I’m going to say, I’m a Professional Organizer, Life Coach and Blogger.

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