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6 Years As A Blogger Today!

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Today my blog turns 6 years old. I’ve been a blogger for six years! So many things come to mind for me to comment on, but I will start with this…
Thank you for the bottom of my heart. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read a blog post of mine. Thank you for liking it or commenting on it. Thank you for choosing to follow me and this blog when I know you have many choices. 
I want to thank my brother J R LeMar for helping me set up this blog. He sat down with me and talked me thru step by step. He is a longtime blogger with a great one called 
This blog has grown and changed over the years. I have added guest bloggers and anyone out there who wants to be a guest blogger please contact me and lets talk!
Doing this blog has enriched my life so much and I am now looking to the next 6 years! I have some things I am going to introduce and things I am going to try and see how they are received, I will continue to post bilingual books in Spanish and Dutch.  I have an international audience and I want to speak to more of them outside of the US. 
Cheers to a great new decade and a new year 2020! I wish you all success in every area of your life! 
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Some NEW Updates to The Super Organizer Universe!

Hello My followers!! How are all of you? Thank you for allowing me to continue to do this 4 years in. As times goes on, I am always looking at the blog. I am not in the same place I was 4 years ago, so my blog is naturally changing too.My viewership/readership is at an all time hit for this niche blog. That makes me so happy! Thanks you! So  I am trying out some new things, and dropping others. I want to keep it fresh for you AND for me! Some of the changes have already happened, so you may recognize them, othekrs are being implemented. As always let me know what you think! Enjoy! 

I am retiring (for now) the Quick Tip Tuesday and Thursdays and the Fast Friday Facts.

I’ve started doing bilingual posts in Spanish and Dutch.

I am starting the new categories: Super Share, Super Thought of the Day, and Super Tip, Super Product

I’m keeping the Sort Out Sunday (which i am working into a book), Super Organizer (about me) 

I am evolving and morphing outside of this blog . My business is shifting to more media and teaching based services, less actual organizing. So its an exciting time for me and hopefully for all of you out there who follow me. Please continue to watch my progression. I will share the ups and downs with you along the way with lessons I learn.

Everyone keep dreaming and acting on those dreams!


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My 900th Post

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900 sounds like a giant number!!! It sounds other worldly to me ! The number isn’t fully computing with me! Next month will mark my 3 year anniversary of this blog! When I started, I never imagined 3 years later or 900 posts in. I am so grateful!

I feel like this past year was my best blog year! I took many of your suggestions for topics; many of your questions and answered them. Thank you to the great numbers you have been giving me every month this year! I’m happy when ONE person reads one of my posts!

This blog has continued to grow in scope and subject and I pay attention to my stats and who responds to what! Health, Life coaching, and organization tips are still at the top and I will continue to share knowledge with you! Thank you so much and cheers to 900 more!!!

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My 800th Post!!!!!!


I can’t believe it!! I’ve been doing this for 2 and a half years! I have written 95% of these posts! The first year the numbers were great for a first year of a niche blog. Last year I slacked a bit and didn’t write as much and I saw the numbers suffer. This year has been a resurgence! I’m writing a lot and have much to share with you all!

I’ve really enjoyed the dialogue with you too. I love feedback and comments, even those that differ from mine. At least we are talking about things that affect having the best life we deserve!

Thank you so much. My life has changed professionally since i’ve started this in 2014 and that has effected what I’m saying. I have big plans in regards to this blog and the radio show (The Super Organizer Show) that came from this! Stay tuned..

Thank you for your support!!

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My 600th Post!!!!!!


There is something special about reaching this milestone on the last day of the month of Nov and right after the holiday of Thanksgiving! I cannot believe it has been 600 posts already. I am a month away from my TWO year anniversary of this blog!! And I have created and written 95 percent of these posts! The other 5 percent have been useful information to share with you!


I am SO glad I started this blog. It is so much fun to do. It IS work too! I l love to write so that is fulfilled!  I like have the platform to share information and knowledge and resources with the public. I enjoy being part of a great organizing community and that I can also share info on my colleagues on here too. There are so many wonderful professionals all over the world doing great organizing!


I got a radio show this year due to this blog! Super Organizer Universe Radio is on EVERY Friday at 10amPST/1pmEST and I have people from all walks of life and we talk about time management and organizational issues! Also I have other Professional Organizers on and have them share their tricks and tips.I even learn new things too!

I am so grateful and honored when a person reads this blog, shares this blog, likes this blog and even comments on this blog! Thank YOU!

See you again at 1200 posts!



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This Is My 501st Post!


500 sounds like such a big number! $500 dollars sounds nice but not so large anymore. 500 Frogs would be crazy! 500 Blog posts makes me proud. Recently I made 500 likes on this blog!  I’ve been doing this about a year and a half. I wrote ALMOST all of those posts (a few were quotes or charts I shared with you). BUT I DID put together each of those 500 posts!

I look at this blog in two ways: as a writer and as a producer. As a producer I am concerned with the look and the style and setting the time of release. The writer part of me is putting together the actual pieces. With no story there is no blog. I love to write. I love to produce. I’m actually producing more. I am producing my radio show on, Super Organizer Universe Radio. I’m producing my videos on You Tube. I’m producing all kinds of things. Its hard work yet it’s work that I love.

I LOVE this blog and I am so humbled that you are reading it! Thank YOU!!!!!! Here’s to another 500…..and 1!

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The Number 500!



Thank you to everyone has liked one of my blog posts over the last year and a half! I am humbled that every like that I got was for content I created . 

You like me! You really like me!

I had too….


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