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Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson


Today he would have celebrated his birthday! I still can’t believe he is not with us on Earth! We will not hear any NEW music from him. (any music we hear has been created from the past) We can’t go to any concerts and see him live anymore. No more TV appearances or movies or anything NEW! He was such a prolific artist I could only imagine what more he had in his creative mind!

Minnesota has declared this Prince Day and everyone is encourged to wear his favorite color Purple. I will continue to mourn the loss of an artist i respected and admired.

Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson!

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Happy BIRTH Day TO You!


Tomorrow┬áis my 45th birthday! On May 10th, 1969 at 10:10 pm I was born. I think about the past 45 years and all that I have seen and experienced. Every single second makes up who I am today and I’m happy with the product that stares back at me in the mirror each morning. I strive for an existence that is my best self. I have learned many lessons ( and continue to do so) and the biggest lesson that I have learned in relation to birthdays is….. EVERY day is a BIRTH day!


Every day that you wake up is a chance to birth what kind of person you want to be. Every day you wake up, it is a chance to birth what kind of life you want. Five years ago when I moved back to Los Angeles, I decided to BIRTH a newer, organized version of me! That birthed a new business for me. As I created that business, it birthed a whole new me ! And every day I get to go out and help others birth new homes and spaces and lives. The birthing never ends.

The second lesson I learned is that each new day is a new chance. Whatever happened yesterday doesn’t have to join you today or follow you into tomorrow. You can choose to bring the good parts and discard the bad ones. You may not have made the progress you wanted today but…there is always tomorrow. In my organizing practice I realize some of my clients need to take smaller steps. I believe that is okay! As long as you get up each day and take SOME steps, it’s all good.

My birthday wish to all of you is rebirth everyday! Happy BIRTH day to YOU!!

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