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Big Brother 19: Has Paul Just Become The Smartest Player in History?!

PAUL is in the finals!!! He could actually win this time!! (He lost last season!) He has played the house so well that NOBODY ever puts him on the block!! Putting him on the block is never even discussed! I have been watching this season with my mouth on the floor!!

What do you think?!

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The Big Brother Price Is Right Aftershow Special

I had the BEST time reuniting with some of my co hosts from the Big Brother Aftershow we did last summer for BB17! It was so much fun to watch contestants from pervious seasons of Big Brother team up fans and compete on the Price Is Right! It was fitting that Janelle and Dr Will were the final two!!

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Big Brother 18: IS It An All Stars Season


Before you know it June 22nd will be here! It’s the premiere of Big Brother 18 on CBS! “But First”, is it an All Star Season or the rumored “Legends vs Fresh Meat”? I don’t know but fans are chatting it up! I love this show and is excited for my favorite Summer reality program to return! CBS is tight lipped BUT they did reveal 30 house guests potentials vying for a spot in the house!! This should be interesting.

Also returning is the Big Brother Aftershow on Afterbuzztv! I’m one of the lead hosts on the panel and can’t wait!

See you there June 22nd!!

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Big Brother 16: The Simple Answer To Who Should Win


I started an online conversation last week on who we think should win this season of Big Brother. People chimed in on who they think should win. Others voiced who they’d like to see get the money. Derrick and Donny were the top two names that came up over and over in the discussion. In the middle of the thread, someone wrote, “Point is whoever wins should win, that’s how this game works.”  Hmm, I guess that’s true.

At first I thought the person was getting smart with me (this is online after all) but I REALLY started to think about it. Like I talk about in a previous blog What We See VS What They See, WE see all the different sides of the players and the game, The players don’t. they are going by and therefore voting on what they feel, see, or know. Because we have the bigger picture, of course we would have a different opinion to who should win. If the house guest had a glimpse into the DR’s and private conversations and secret alliances, then it would be an entirely different game.

I never really looked at the game this way before. I got caught up in what I SEE and my opinions on who deserves the money based on that. Now with ALL of that said, I still know who I’d like to win the game. But… the end, when someone wins, it’s who SHOULD win. Right? Maybe? Kinda?

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Big Brother 16: What WE See Vs What They See


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Its time for another elimination. Another person will be voted out by their housemates and sent to the jury house. In the jury house they will decide between the last two people standing, which one to give the grand prize. How a person gets voted out of the house and the game is interesting because the players in the game have to go by what they see and hear. As a television viewer, WE know that what they see may not be what is actually happening or the truth. That is one of the reasons that makes the show interesting.

As a viewer on TV or the live feeds, we get the see everything that is said and done. We can make clearer judgements throughout the game. We get a view into what’s going on and where the players stand at any given moment. And that’s NOT to say that there aren’t surprises for us. They do happen. But for the most part we can see what the true alliances are; when the moment a person turns on their bestie back their back; when couples hook up and get together. I know there are many times I’m screaming at the TV, “HE’S PLAYING YOU! DON”T BELIEVE HIM!!!” Then I have to remember that for them, that person is doing a good acting job and what THEY SEE is a nice person who is on their side.

This is a really SOCIAL game. Yes there are competitions thrown in but its ALL about people skills and how you act. How do you come across to others. Do you seem deserving of the money or not? Should you be REALLY friendly? Or it that a bad thing?! Could being too friendly put a target on you because they think you’ll win over them? Or is being seemingly open and honest the way to go. Then you can go both good and bad things and get away with it because you are perceived as a person who is who he is and that’s a form of being truthful. I do find that’s what make the game tricky. I have no idea how I would do inside the house! HAHA!

So tonight one of the two nominees for eviction will be voted out and go the jury house.Some of us will be happy, some of us will be mad, and others won’t mind. I always wonder how the nominations and votes would be different if the house guests got to see video or hear audio of some of the things that they aren’t privy to? What if one of the prizes for the week would be to see a glimpse of the confessionals?!  I mean obviously decisions would be made differently but how different would they be? AND how would it be for us as viewers?

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Big Brother 16: I’ve Never Watched The Feeds


I just realized that I’ve never watched the Big Brother Feeds online in all the seasons its been on! I DO watch Big Brother After Dark. First it was on Showtime and now its on TVGN. I give points to CBS, they have really taken advantage of the “big brother” theme and created an experience. You can sign up and watch online 24 hours. You can watch 5 nights a week for about 2 to 3 hrs on TV. And of course there is the actual show 3 nights week. If you take on Big Brother, then you have to be committed! Ha!

If you are like me and don’t watch the feeds, then you are prone to seeing spoilers. I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and people screen shot and talk about what happens in the house all the time. So if you don’t watch the feeds, how does that make you feel? Does it minimize watching the actual show for you? Does it bother you? At first it bothered me. Since the show is 24 hrs and 7 days a week, I can’t just NOT go online to avoid spoilers. Some shows that only air once a week, you can do that. This is not one of those shows. So I know that if I go on Twitter, I might see in my timeline BB posts of stuff I havent seen. Now I am okay with that.

The hour-long show can still offer surprises (especially the eviction show, since that’s the only thing revealed on the show.). Plus I have found whatever big things that happen on the feeds (that I didn’t see), I now can’t wait to SEE it on the show! Also the shows are only an hour, so there is much NOT shown on the telecasts, it’s a great addition of information. I do wonder what the numbers are of people who are watching the feeds. We know from the TV shows, Big Brother is averaging around 6 million (though houseguests on the show keep saying 9 million). And there are almost as many Big Brother related accounts as many hashtags. I follow many of them.

I like the community nature of Big Brother. And I don’t have a lot of time to devote to ALL that is BB, so I like that the feeds are out there and I can go to social media and here what going on in the house. The hard work is done for me and I get the highlights. It’s a win-win.

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Big Brother 16- It’s Still Early In The Season!


In my last blog post about this show, Big Brother 16- The Season Of Not So Smart Moves, I talked about being upset that many of the players are being sensitive and not really “playing” the game. Well this past week I have really seen some game play and strategizing!! I have to realize that it is EARLY in the season and in some of the past seasons, player would come alive later in the game.

I’ve been impressed with Derrick for not only his game play and strategizing, i like the way he carries himself. Christine is always thinking too. I was impressed with Frankie. He seems to “get” the game. But this weekend, I’m questioning his choices. They need to get out some of the stronger players that folks wouldn’t mind gone like Amber and Caleb. But all of them need to realize the biggest threat of them all is …Donny! They need to keep him until the evicted house guests start going to the jury house. He would probably make a fair juror. And he will probably win Fan Favorite at the end of the season anyway.

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