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Do Your Cookbooks Have Dust on Them?

Inspired by a client of mine, she gave me a great decluttering idea.

She has a lot of cookbooks and they were taking up tons of space. So we got rid of a few old, torn ones, but there were some great ones still. SHE decided to take a cookbook and really go thru it and see if there were enough recipes she and her family would like and she started making the food from that book to see if they truly liked it.

I love that idea!

So I am going to challenge everyone, because we are trying to have IN our homes what we ACTUALLY use. If we actually USE it , then it DESERVES a place in our home.

Pick a cook book and really look through the recipes. I challenge you to make something from that book for 7 days in a row. 

If it’s not for you, then give it away or donate!

Send me some pics of your dishes too!! Yum!



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