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Here Are Your TWO Midweek Organizing Tips!!!

It’s the middle of the week and I’m in the organizing mood! Well I’m always in an organizing mood!

I’m gonna share TWO quick tips with you all:

You have a small bathroom- if you are tall, use a high spot on the wall and place a shelf or metal rack and put towels up there. If you aren’t as tall, behind the door, put up a rack and hang the towels there. (make sure you don’t mix currently used towels with clean ones).



This could also be a spot for other bathroom supplies too! 

Hooks inside cabinets can help maximize space. Like in bathrooms: You can hang hairdryers, Pouches of beauty products like Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup, lotions…In kitchens: You can hang pans, big utensils…



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Eww…What’s On That Towel?!

absolutely-disgusting (1)

Recently I was looking at my towels when I realized that some of them are as old as my grandchildren! They were dingy and certainly not as fluffy as they used to be, I had a couple of towels with stains on them. Where did the stains come from, I don’t know! Other towels were frayed at the ends. Actually i didn’t have any matching towel sets. I used to, but not anymore. All of this got me thinking TWO things:

  1. Throw out all of my towels and replace them with new ones.

  2. I NEVER thought about my towels and how bad they were gettting!?!

The second thought got me thinking even further: even though I wash my towels regularly, they must have been bad for my skin. All of that wear and tear. The YEARS of dirt and other stuff that had been on them. Hey I  JUST learned that you shouldn’t use a loofah sponge for TOO long! I was getting small rashes and once I stopped using my old one and replaced it with a new one, the rashes stopped coming. I have taken my towels for granted! They are an everyday use and I never gave them the attention I should. They TOUCH my skin and my hair! I change out my toothbrush. I change my sheets on my bed. When my shoes wear out, I get new ones. (Well, I shouldn’t count the last example. I sorta have a shoe addiction.)

Think about it. We dry off millions of dead skin cells. The towels can get a musty scent and carry bacteria.I use a bath towel twice at the most.Then I try to wash them once a week. Sometimes I use Vinegar to freshen them up. You want them to last,but you need to recognize when they have outlived their use. I don’t want to reintroduce anything to my skin that I don’t want. Old towels usually become rags for me. Some I use while I’m painting.  Take a look at YOUR towels!


I went out and bought a bunch of new towels. I shopped around and found some good deals like at Big Lots. Now I am looking at all of my towels: Kitchen and bathroom! I will know when it’s time to let them go.


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3 Great Organizational Tips For Beauty Supplies!

People send me things related to organization all the time! Clients sometimes TEACH ME an organization tip. I read up on everything organization. I’m always open to learning everything I can. I want to be able to present my clients with the best options that would work for them. Here are 3 great tips I’ve learned about in relation to organizing and/or storing beauty products:

Use a cake stand.



Sunglass/glasses case.




A Spice Rack!!




I’m also a big fan of repurposing items! Finding a second use for something that is possibly just sitting around and collecting dust makes me happy! AND we are helping the environmnt.

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Super Tip Tuesday: Hanging In The Bathroom



In some of the places I have lived, the bathrooms were small and did not have a lot of counter space. Currently I have a large bathroom with NO counter space ( I have a pedestal sink). One option is wall-mounting your hair dryer, flat-iron, brush, etc. You can put up a series of  hooks. They have the kind that stick on the wall and are easy to take down when done ( like the picture I posted above). Or you can put up a rack or shelves and place stuff on them.

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