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The White Glove Test


Not sure if your cleaning/housekeeping person/staff is doing a good job? Are you sure of what to look for in a clean space?

I have created a Cleaning Checklist. I will come in and do a”Black Glove/White Glove”test and audit your apartment/house/office. For $25, I will go room by room, with the checklist I created (from years of experience) , and make an analysis of how clean your space really is. You will receive a full detailed report you can use for evaluation.

Everyone does not clean in the same way. Also an area or space “looks” clean but at a closer look, it really isn’t. For an additional fee, I can come in and clean your space to show you the difference. OR I can come in and show the person who is doing the cleaning, what the not so positive areas are and ways to correct the situation. My goal is for you to have a clean, safe space!

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