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BIG BROTHER: Is This Season Underwhelming For a 20th Season So Far???

Yes this is an Organization/Life Coach blog, but long time readers know that I am a huge fan of the CBS hit reality show Big Brother! And every season I do a post or two about the show! I was even a co host on the Big Brother Aftershow on AfterbuzzTV for several seasons!

Pictured with co host Lauren LoGrasso!

Okay so we are several weeks in and i’m kinda bored. Its the 20th season(cycle) of the show and I feel it should be bigger! How about you?

None of the houseguests really stand out to me. I give points to Swaggy C for trying! I don’t have the hate for him that many do. I just think he wasn’t likeable enough when he came in and The Swaggy C thing fell flat. The Bros thing fell flat! The alliance names aren’t good. I wanted to like Kaitlyn and she was doing things but in the end crumbled into a ball of tears. The token gay dude JC  used the N word and tried to defend his usage to a BLACK person. Nothing new. The N word was used on the show before. I know of him outside the show, so i am not surprised. He is not likeable either. The challenges are lackluster too. There were some seasons where the challenges were hard!!! AND fun to watch..

The other night, the show ran out of time and didnt even give us a live on air Kaitlyn exit interview OR HOH comp to watch!! Come on CBS!!!!

It was nice to she BB winner Rachel Reilly come back to host a comp. I got to meet her in person and she was the nicest person!!! Turning Sam into a Robot WAS interesting and very unique! I do have my eye on Tyler, he is making it through so far!! He may even win this thing!

I like this show very much. I have watched since Season 1. Its my summer tradition! it is my hope to expect the unexpected and it gets better!! I would love to know what you think!!!!


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It’s Summertime So Our Big Brother Aftershow is Back!

I LOVE doing this show so much! and we are on at a new day and time Fridays at 1pmPST/4pmEST!! Thank you to everyone who watched LIVE! See you all summer!!!


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The Big Brother Price Is Right Aftershow Special

I had the BEST time reuniting with some of my co hosts from the Big Brother Aftershow we did last summer for BB17! It was so much fun to watch contestants from pervious seasons of Big Brother team up fans and compete on the Price Is Right! It was fitting that Janelle and Dr Will were the final two!!

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My Two Friends Making A Way on LA Talk Radio!

Jenifer Golden and Lauren Leonelli. LA gals. Strong women. Beautiful inside and out. Smart. Funny!  Two Drunk Girls.  I had the pleasure of working with these two women on two shows at AfterbuzzTV. I met them first while doing the Impastor Aftershow and then followed them onto the Lachey’s Bar Aftershow. They accepted me with open arms and in the process we became friends. They have several projects but I want to highlight one of them, It’s Complicated on LA Talk Radio!

On It’s Complicated, Jenifer and Lauren dive into the oh so complicated world of dating and relationships with funny anecdotes, opinions, guests and games. Join them each week as they divulge and navigate their own experiences and relationship status, all while celebrating what they’ve learned with an adult beverage. It’s on WEDNESDAYS at 12 noon PST. Follow their Twitter handle @ComplicatedShow MAYBE one day they will have ME on!


I respect these ladies. They are kind and fun. Check them out!!!!!!


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Subscribe and Follow my YouTube Channel!



YES i have a YouTube channel. Right now it consists of my playlists of my videos from Afterbuzztv and Popcorn Talk. My web series GH Mini Spotlight. And other videos related to me. Also I will be adding more content. YouTube is a great space for creativity and education and fun. And I am a part of that world now! Join me and follow my journey and life!

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Returning to AfterbuzzTV’s Dishin Days Recap Show!

afterbuzz-tv-logo-maria-menounos-keven-undergaro 20150222_190017

Hey readers! I am returning to AfterbuzzTV’s  Dishin Days Recap Show this Sunday at 6pm PST!!! It will be live on YouTube AfterbuzzTV channel!!  Just look for Days Of Our Lives when you get there! I’m excited to be back. Its always a great time with the fellas and staff at AfterbuzzTV!  I will be flying in from Sacramento earlier that day.


Also visit the Dishin Days Facebook page for more stuff!

Tune in and tell your folks who like Days to tune in!!! 



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Super Organizer Thursday- A Little Video From ME!



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Facebook – A Lott In Los Angeles

Facebook- The Really Quick James Lott Jr Show

Keek- Blakhopela

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