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6 Tips on Avoiding Clutter After Christmas

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Christmas has happened. You may have duplicate gifts. You have gotten things you don’t want or need or like. Here are some things you could/can do so that you don’t just put them in places and add clutter to your space:


1- Some items may specifically be a great fit for a specific charity or cause. Give to them.

2- Give items to local school or church.

3- Give to friends or family you know could use them.

4- Homeless shelters

5- Women’s Groups that help women get on their feet again.

6- Goodwill/Salvation Army or any thrift store

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Happy Christmas Tips From The Super Organizer!

Happy Christmas to everyone and I hope Santa brought you want you wanted!! Here a few tips for after the gift giving has happened:


Take all the gift boxes and if they are still in good use, fill them with stuff you don’t need and donate or give to a thrift store. Use them as holders for stuff. Kind of like the one in one out rule but a little more AND you are giving back! AND it reduces all the trash /recycling and clutter.

Of course throw away all broken ornaments, but here is one thing that is hard for people: an broken figurines, statues, wooden stars, etc…REALLY assess if its repairable AND are you going to take the time to fix it or have it fixed? If not and be honest with yourself, throw it out.

You want to really keep the holiday stuff manageable as you put it away till next year!!

New Years is next!!

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