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7 Things To Remember When Moving


  • If using a moving company take all of the items you don’t want them packing (undies, financial stuff), box yourself and set aside.  If you have things you are taking with you have them set in an area they won’t get in the way.
  • Take the loose items in all of your drawers and put them in a zip lock to bag.  This works especially well for junk drawers.  Then label the bag and put it back in the drawer if you have a moving company.
  • Pack heavy items like books in small boxes, and lighter items like blankets and pillows in larger boxes.  While your packing keep in mind that your going to have to lift that box.
  • If you are looking for smaller boxes, the produce section of your grocery store usually has banana boxes which work great.
  • Pack clothes in suitcases, they are easier to lug around. (Some Tote bags are useful too.)
  • Keep a moving journal with all of the phone numbers you may need.  This includes all of the phone numbers to people you may need to contact for change of address, and moving company phone numbers. In that journal keep a list of all your credit card companies, utilities, and bank accounts.  Have the phone number and account number with them for ease of switching everything.
  • Label your boxes well if packing yourself.  List the main items in the box and the room they go in.
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