YOU! Yes YOU! Are You Not Getting Things Done?!

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Here is something I do all the time, especially when I have a lott of things to get done:

The night before or first thing in the morning:

Get a piece of paper, get a calendar, get a white board, get something you can WRITE on! 

Make a list of all the tings you need to get done that day.

Group anything that is similar (ex. making reservations for travel: car, plane , hotel)

Next to each thing, give yourself an hour. Block out an hour of time. Write down the time (ex noon-1pm)

Make sure you schedule lunch and dinner breaks and if you have to, schedule 15 min breaks every couple of hours.

Then either get an old fashioned timer, or the timer function on your watch or phone and start.

Only Focus on that task during that hour. 

If the time goes off and you aren’t done, access where you are in the process and if you need more time, then add time and push everything back according to the added time. (ex- you need one more half hour, just adjust the times accordingly.)

if you finish early, then you can start the next project (and adjust the times) or take a break.

See how this system works for you! Are you completing tasks? Does your speed or pacing change knowing you have an hour?

I love it! Now I can approximate how long each task will take and schedule more accurately!

Try it !!!



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Some Quotes To Motivate You to …DO Something!

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Fast Friday Fact: You Can Start At Any Age

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I am a TRUE example of this!! I started my new and current careers after 40 years old!!! It is never too late to start and go for what you want!! I am behind you 100 percent!!


Quick Tip Thursday: Throw Out ALL Old Sponges…NOW!!!


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THROW THEM OUT!!! KITCHEN SPONGES! BATHROOM SPONGES!!! Replace them with new ones!! try to replace every couple of weeks!! You don’t want to spread germs and dirt that accumulate on them especially when they sit out between uses!! DO IT!!!


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Super Tip Wednesday: Color Code Boxes While Packing For Move!

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I saw this tip and HAD to share. Its from CORT Furniture Rental. and is part of a larger article by Madison White

I love this!!

Use a color code system (or at least a label system)

The most important thing to remember is to label. You may trust in yourself a lot to remember exactly what is in each box, but when the stress of moving day gets to you, you may not. You want your boxes to be as clear and direct about their contents as possible.

If it helps, try using different colors of tape for the different rooms for your boxes. On those pieces of tape, write more specifically what is in those boxes (silverware, hair tools, etc.). The colors will help you immediately know in what general area things need to go in, and the labels will help you find exactly what you need when it comes time to unpack.

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Super Tip Tuesday: Downsize Before You Move


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Moving is a GREAT time to downsize! It is a great time to purge too. Here are some tips:

Decide what are priority items. Things you HAVE to take with you to the new place. Usually things like Beds, Tables, towels, pots and pans. But even with those items, you can downsize. Discard old towels that aren’t good; donate any kitchen items you NEVER use.

Recycle old magazines and mail!

Donate or sell old clothes you NEVER wear or don’t fit anymore!

It’s easier to bring less stuff into your new place. It can save you money on truck size for moving, or how you hire movers and their time cost. I’m always looking for ways to save money!

AND you can start fresh in your new home. Start it off right!! No clutter!

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Are You A Text Message Hoarder??!!

Suddenly you can’t make a phone call?! Your texts aren’t sending on? You can’t receive texts? That all may be due to HOARDING TEXT MESSAGES!!!

This has happened to people I know! it’s a real thing. Its something we don’t think about. I didn’t! They had too many text messages stored in their phones. One of my family members has 4500 messages from ONE person! So I invite you to look at your text messages. Clear them out. Make sure you get what you may need from certain ones first!

Don’t be a text message hoarder!

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