The Super Organizer Challenge!!!

So I was watching a TV show where they actually counting every single item in your space. For some people its 8,000, others 10,000. When I heard those numbers, I started to look at my house! I gave this challenge to my students at my last workshop and now I am giving it to you!

Get rid of 3 things every week from your space.

It doesn’t matter how small or how big. It can be 3 pencils. It can be a dining room set! The goal is to have in your house the things you actually use, whether it’s everyday or seasonal. The other goal is getting to know what you have. Sometimes we forget things we own and you may be able to use them now that you know!

Each week I am going to post the 3 things I get rid of on my FB page The Super Organizer.

Secondly, if you get rid of three things, try not to bring 3 things in that week. (Food and drink excluded)

Happy editing!!

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Super Product- Getting the Right Shredder!

A desktop shredder is a great way to destroy a few confidential documents.

A paper shredder that sits on the floor is a great way to get rid of a LOT of confidential documents.

Picking one isn’t as easy as it seems. Some shredder are made cheaply and can break down soon after a few uses. Here are a few I like:

Insignia- 6-Sheet Crosscut Shredder Black

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Super Thought Of the Day- What Would Happen If I Wasn’t Organized?

I do so much every day. I have two companies to run. I am on TV and radio. I am a Professional Organizer, Life Coach, Recording artist…You get the picture. In order for me to do all these things and more, I have to be structured and organized. But what if I wasn’t organized? I am scared to think what would happen! Many of you out there have a lot of things going on. It is my hope you are being organized, but what if you are a person reading this who is not organized?

I ask you how it is working for you? Or not working for you? Do you double book plans? Are you forgetful and miss appointments or are always running late to them? Do you go to the store and forget what you need to buy? Is it an extra ten minutes to find the car keys everyday/

All of that would drive me crazy.If you aren’t organized, think about how it makes you feel on any given day. Anger, frustration, sadness, broke…how does it effect your mood for the day? Well consider getting organized. It makes your life run smoother! Read this blog, if you are in LA, come take my workshops, hire a Professional Organizer. Begin the process of changing your life into an organized one!

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Join Me in LA on MAY 19th For 7 Tips to Get Organized..with Mimosas

And sparkling cider for those who don’t drink..



Here the linkĀ


Super Tip Saturday: When Planning For An Office For A Group

Image result for group office photo ideas

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing tips with you regarding setting up an office! May you find them useful…


When planning for an office set up for a group of people here is a few tips:

Make sure you have an accurate count of many people.

Approximate work times for these people (sometimes workers can share a desk if one the shifts are different times)

Assess the needs of each person in the group. What supplies, space, and equipment they will need. (can it all fit in the space in general)

Any items can be shared?


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Super Thought of the Day: What If I Knew Where The Keys Were Every Morning

Really think about it! How smoother and easier your life could be if everything in your home had a dedicated place/space.

Think about how much time and aggravation you would save knowing where things are.

Imagine what other activities you could bring into your life with that system in place.

Sit back and think about it….

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May Motivation To Hustle Quotes!

Its my birthday month!!! and i’m a person who hustles!!! Happy May!

Image result for may motivational quotesImage result for may motivational quotes

Image result for may motivational quotes

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