Do Your Cookbooks Have Dust on Them?

Inspired by a client of mine, she gave me a great decluttering idea.

She has a lot of cookbooks and they were taking up tons of space. So we got rid of a few old, torn ones, but there were some great ones still. SHE decided to take a cookbook and really go thru it and see if there were enough recipes she and her family would like and she started making the food from that book to see if they truly liked it.

I love that idea!

So I am going to challenge everyone, because we are trying to have IN our homes what we ACTUALLY use. If we actually USE it , then it DESERVES a place in our home.

Pick a cook book and really look through the recipes. I challenge you to make something from that book for 7 days in a row. 

If it’s not for you, then give it away or donate!

Send me some pics of your dishes too!! Yum!



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Spring Cleaning Quotes That Can Apply To Any Season

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Súper pensamiento del día/Super Thought of the Day-

La primavera comienza esta semana. Mucha gente usa este tiempo para limpiar Spring. ¿Qué pasa si tratas el comienzo de cada temporada como Spring Cleaning?


Spring begins this week. Many people use this time to Spring clean. What if you treated the beginning of every season like Spring Cleaning?


Accountability Quotes That Make Sense!

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You Mess It Up, You Clean It Up

In your household and there are all kinds of households (roommates, families, spouses, best friends), vow to make ONE rule above most of the others: Whoever makes a mess in the common areas (shared spaces)has to be the one to clean it up NOW, not later on!! And you have to hold them accountable. Don’t do it for them. And stay civil about it. Remember if you all agree to that rule, you are only just reminding them that they agreed. 

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Super Share Monday- 4 Tips To Better Organization!

Happy Monday everybody!!! I am excited to be here! I am happy to be alive and ready to tackle another day on Earth! I am gratitude that you are alive too and reading this blog post!!

I am going to share a few organizing things with you today. Give you something to think about and maybe try if you aren’t doing these things already.

  • GO OUT AND BUY labels. They are good for identifying where things are at a quick glance. There are all kinds of labels out there for different surfaces. They have easy peel on and off ones too. Label your drawers. Label your boxes in the garage. .Label the inside of your cabinets listing where things belong. Get a sharpie or thicker marker to write on the labels.

  • PUT A LAUNDRY BAG/BASKET in your bathroom. If you have room. Or in the room outside or next to your bathroom.  Or in your bedroom. The goal is to put it somewhere you are most likely to put your dirty clothes and towels. I say keep them near the area you shower/bathe/take off clothes after work/school/gym  Make it easy on yourself.

  • SCHEDULE SOME TIME to go in your closet and try on clothes. See what still fits or looks good or is in good shape and whats NOT. Get rid of whats not! If you are sensitive about your size, I say do it alone. For me I’ve done it with GOOD friends and they helped decide what to keep.

  • PLACE A HOOK on the backs of some of your doors. Say the bathroom door, a closet door, the bedroom door. A place for a jacket or a robe or your clothes for the next day. Don’t put too many hooks you don’t want to clutter your eyesight. I say just one good one!

Some of these may not apply to you, that’s okay, I will be super sharing more random organizing tips! Otherwise try these and see if they work for you! Have a great week!


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Some NEW Updates to The Super Organizer Universe!

Hello My followers!! How are all of you? Thank you for allowing me to continue to do this 4 years in. As times goes on, I am always looking at the blog. I am not in the same place I was 4 years ago, so my blog is naturally changing too.My viewership/readership is at an all time hit for this niche blog. That makes me so happy! Thanks you! So  I am trying out some new things, and dropping others. I want to keep it fresh for you AND for me! Some of the changes have already happened, so you may recognize them, othekrs are being implemented. As always let me know what you think! Enjoy! 

I am retiring (for now) the Quick Tip Tuesday and Thursdays and the Fast Friday Facts.

I’ve started doing bilingual posts in Spanish and Dutch.

I am starting the new categories: Super Share, Super Thought of the Day, and Super Tip, Super Product

I’m keeping the Sort Out Sunday (which i am working into a book), Super Organizer (about me) 

I am evolving and morphing outside of this blog . My business is shifting to more media and teaching based services, less actual organizing. So its an exciting time for me and hopefully for all of you out there who follow me. Please continue to watch my progression. I will share the ups and downs with you along the way with lessons I learn.

Everyone keep dreaming and acting on those dreams!


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