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It’s October! Here Are Some Quotes to Motivate!!

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We Stop To Take Time To Remember: Sept 11th

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Happy September! May It Be A Super Month!

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July 4th!!!!

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Positive Quotes TO Get Through July!

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Super Thought of the Day- Marketing to One Gender Only

I am an entrepreneur. Having my own business and being the boss means that I can conduct my business however I want. It also means I can carve out who my target market is. There are some professions and products that are predominately used by one gender. But i had a thought after seeing a bunch of posts on several of the professional organizing groups I belong to, doesn’t everyone deserve the services of a professional organizer? If so, why do some only talk to one gender?

Seriously I would love feedback!

I see posts and marketing that starts with , “Hey Ladies” or “For all you ladies out there” or “Women…” Now if I see that you have a super niche business where you only work with Stay at home moms, or women re-entering the workforce, etc… then I understand. I am questioning the ones whose niche just states “Entrepreneurs”, “Young professionals” or just states services, “For your Office”, “Kitchen Organization”, “Garage Clean Out”….

Men need our help too. I recognize that in my industry I am in the smaller group. Our industry is mostly women. But the clientele is everybody who needs our services. I’ve had both clients and other organizers tell me they think of this profession as “women’s work” or that men “aren’t organized.” Trust me I am still shocked when I hear this! I also see some professional organizers say they don’t work with men because it’s too dangerous. But women hire plumbers, gardeners, electricians, movers and they have men in those professionals. I was glad when some female organizers did chime in and say we need to be cautious with EVERYONE!! There are a lot of crazy folks out there!!

I remember over 30 years ago when I was in Nursing school and the women in my class were like, So you don’t want to put in the time to become a doctor?” Actually NO i didn’t but also Nursing is admirable profession that men can do too. Just like Women can be doctors. Medicine doesn’t require gender.

Its hard owning and running your own business. I want to see ALL of us succeed and help everyone in need but also make MONEY while doing it! I’m just wondering are some of us stereotyping? Is there just plain fear? Is there sexism going on? Or it is preference? Again it’s your business and you can design it however you want. Just wondering if you are limiting your yourself and your business? Just something to think about.


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Being Non Judgmental Professional Organizers

Non Judgmental is a word in most of my marketing to potential clients. Being non Judgmental is what I practice while working with clients. I am a professional organizer and my job is to help people set up systems to run their live smoothly and efficiently. I have no personal stake in their outcome. AND the pace that a client moves is not my fault either. It is not an attack on my skills as an organizer.

I have heard people say, “They are wasting my time.” “They are taking too long.” “They are keeping me from better clients.” I actually seen and heard those phrases. It hurts my heart. I treat every client the same in general. They are all important regardless of job.And again, everyone learns and moves at their own pace. I am getting paid to be there and I will be there as long as they need me.Now there are instances when you and a client don’t work well together. Sometimes its temperament of the client. Sometimes is something out of your control. But in general I don’t go in with an end date (unless me and client set one), I talk with the client, assess their situation, and try not to pressure them so much with MY expectations that they end up failing.

This statement is hard for some folks to hear: If the client gets organized  or not, I am off the hook for blame. If I did the best job I could with them, It’s still on THEM. It is not a reflection on me. I had to learn that. Our profession is not for the faint at heart! We are IN people’s stuff and people’s space! Once we ENTER, we are also entering THEIR emotions. I have to detach on some level and find the balance of compassion, care, and professionalism. Very similar to my Nursing days. I’ve heard sentences starting with ” If they would only do as i say…” or ” I know what’s best for them…”  I know some organizers who left the profession because it was too much for them emotionally. I applaud them for recognizing that ( it was one of the reasons I left nursing).  then staying in and placing their feelings into the mix.

It is a continuous that I approach every client with care, compassion, empathy, and professionalism. I know that ISN’T just one way to get organized. I leave all my “stuff” outside the door. I don’t place my expectations on them. I am open enough to know that I may not be the right fit. I’m patient to know that it may take time. I love this profession and I love my clients. It just bothers me when professional make it about themsleves


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